Why Everbilt’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Could Save Your Home

Laundry is a common — and necessary — household task to ensure you have clean clothes. But did you know your dryer vent should be clean, too? Fortunately, Everbilt has made this task easier. 

But first, let’s get real. Cleaning your dryer vent isn’t important just because it’s good to tidy up. In fact, regular maintenance could save your life and your home.

Did you know that there are nearly 17,000 fires every year associated with clothes dryers?

These fires cause over $200 million in property losses, not to mention injuries and fatalities. And 34% of the time the cause is the failure to clean the dryer vents.

Everbilt’s Drill-Powered Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush Kit makes a difficult task — cleaning dryer vents — one that any homeowner can tackle at a fraction of the usual time.

This cleaning kit includes a 4-inch-diameter brush head, plus four flexible rods that are 2 feet and reach up to 8 feet. Even your tallest ducts will be lint-free!

You can use the tools manually or attach them to a drill and remove buildup quickly. Best of all, you can use this kit not only on your dryer vents, but other ducts as well.

The rods turn up to 90 degrees, so there’s no need to worry about twisting in strange positions to clean your vents.

For more information on the Everbilt Drill Powered Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush Kit, log on to HomeDepot.com  


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