How to Install a Built-in Ironing Board

Fold-down ironing boards are a great way to reduce clutter in your laundry room. They’re a real timesaver as well, allowing you to keep your iron ready to go at a moment’s notice. They can either be surface mounted or recessed into the wall—as we’ll be doing here—for a low profile look.

When installing a build-in ironing board, consider locating it near an existing electrical outlet to keep from having to fish wires through the wall. Turn off any electrical circuits where you’re working by plugging a light or radio in a nearby receptacle and flipping each breaker until you find the right one.

After locating the studs on either side of the opening, cut a small hole in the center, and check to be sure there are no wires or pipes in the way.

Next, mark the cutout dimensions for the unit, and cut the hole to size.

Once the hole has been cut, install 2” x 4” horizontal braces in the wall cavity flush with the top and bottom of the opening. Be sure to drill a hole in the brace and feed the wire through it first.

When everything is ready, slide the unit in place.

And secure it to the studs on each side.

Mount the door on the unit, and hook up the electrical connection.

Turn on the power, and check to see if it’s working properly.

NuTone Ironing Centers come in a range of styles from basic models to ones complete with a light, timed plug, and fully adjustable ironing board. Various door choices are also available.


  1. Hi Korry,
    The ironing board cabinet pictured above was made by NuTone. There is a link at the end of the article to their website.

  2. I have a Nutone built in Ironing board,,, the plug (outlet) went bad,,, i ordered a new part,,, How do i put install it? thanks

  3. Question. Do you have to have the 2 X 4 at the top and bottom of a recessed ironing board or can you just anchor it on the sides into the studs. Thanjs

  4. Built in ironing board installation. found out I have metal studs way far apart – how can I build wood 2X4 frame to attach the cabinet to, Metal screw to available metal stud on right side ? need bottom support 25″ from floor, Left side metal stud about 30″ away, Problem.

  5. We mounted my built in ironing board on an outside wall. We had to take out the insulation where it was mounted. The first winter after very cold weather I opened the door and the back of the box had black mold. This winter I have left the door to the ironing board open and still got a little black mold. We took the unit out of the wall to find the particle board behind was very wet. Checked the attic and nothing there and nothing appears wrong with the siding. This is a new structure. Is it because the heat in the house is causing sweat. What can we do to stop this? Should we move it to an inside wall and put the insulation back on the outside wall and drywall the hole?


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