Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Danny, why does it take my dryer so long to dry my clothes? -April

When a dryer takes a long time to dry your clothes, often the problem is due to a buildup of lint in the dryer lint screen or vent pipe. This not only reduces the efficiency of your dryer but can be a major fire hazard as well. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, dryers cause as many as 15,000 fires a year, with most resulting from dryer lint or improper venting.

To remedy the problem, check your vent pipe and the flexible hose for crimps or obstructions. Then clean it with a specially made brush, or remove the hose and clean it by hand. It’s also important to clean the dryer lint screen every time you run a load.


  1. Hello, I have a Kenmore 70 series dryer that does not heat and it does not shut off when the timer expires. can you give me some advise? Thx

  2. My dryer vent on my 1978 home seams to have a clog. I have used a long 6″ dryer brush to remove lint from the outside dryer vent and the hole vent in the floor where the dryer is located. The 6 foot long dryer vent brush only goes in about 3 feet. I can’t get rid of the lint clog. Should I try using a drain auger to unclog the dryer piping? The dryer is about 18 feet from the outside vent. The venting pipe runs over a finiahed area of my garage. I really do not want to tear out the finished textured drywall in my garage to clear out this lint clog. Help!!

  3. We have an Amana cloths dryer. Lint is not accumulating in the screen, and the pipe and vent that goes to the outside is clear. where else could I clean the lint out.
    it also requires 3 – 60 minute cycles to dry a regular load.

  4. Well I took the vent pipe off, and checked the duct going through the wall to the outside. Turns out there is a screen on the bottom of the duct outside. That screen had 2 inches of wet lint blocking it. the moisture came from the 99% humidity we experienced over the last week of 90+ tempratures. once I cleared that, the dryer functions properly.


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