Tips to Maximize Laundry Room and Pantry Storage

Chelsea’s space-saving plan for Chris and Laney’s pantry includes an accordion door for easy access.

Creating A Pantry

Re-arranging the appliances requires the removal of the makeshift pantry shelf in the corner so we’re moving the pantry to the underutilized closet.

With a little design help from ClosetMaid we are able to efficiently use all of the space inside the closet and an accordion door from helps hide the contents when it’s not in use.

If attaching your pantry shelves begs the question of which fastener to use, check out our article on Testing Wall Anchors and Picture Hangers for some useful tips.


Ventilation isn’t just for bathrooms; laundry rooms can generate plenty of humidity, too!

You may not realize it, but a laundry room can generate almost as much humidity as a bathroom. The process of washing and drying clothes may put less moisture in the air but it goes on for hours and hours each day. That makes the addition of ventilation to this space a very important consideration.

The Broan vent fan we chose to add is equipped with a humidity sensor that automatically turns the unit on when the humidity reaches a pre-set level, so it’s both effective and easy to use.

Repairing the Back Door

The back door to the laundry hasn’t been used in over a year because it was blocked by the freezer. Once we open it up we discover that the weatherstripping is shot and there is some rotten wood around the door casing.

The door trim that’s too far gone is replaced with new cellular PVC trim that won’t rot, no matter how much moisture it gets. The smaller damaged areas are repaired with auto body filler putty before the areas are painted to match the existing color.

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