Lady Banks Rose Update

Seems pretty tame, except I just pruned her a couple of days ago.

In Growing a Lady Banks Rose, I told how I planted a Lady Banks on my porch column last summer. It’s been a full year old now, and I thought I’d provide an update, in case any of you are considering doing the same.

My Lady Banks rose is planted in mostly full sun, with a southern exposure tempered by some tall trees. It’s smack-dab under the gutter downspout, so I only water it in extreme drought. I haven’t really done anything to it—it’s had no pests or diseases, no fertilizer, and the spring blooms were heavenly, simply heavenly.

It’s perfect – EXCEPT, good grief, is this thing a fast grower! It’s growing faster than I can keep up with it! By midsummer, it was growing up the gable, reaching for the peak of the porch roof. Every morning, new tentacles reach out and grab me as I walk past – it’s like living with a hungry octopus on the porch.

I’m always going out there to remove entangled wind chimes or houseguests. I prune it at least once a week, and sometimes twice, and it just seems to speed up! I don’t regret planting it near the house, but it certainly could possibly be better put to use to quickly conceal an ugly barn, or as a substitute for the proverbial beanstalk.

All in all, I think this is one of the most perfect plants ever. The foliage is really pretty by itself, and the blooms will simply make your heart melt with joy. It’s tough, disease-resistant, evergreen, thornless, and carefree – except for the occasional wrestling match (I mean, pruning).

Plant a Lady Banks where she can go wild, then just sit back and watch her grow!


  1. Have just read your article and was very interesting. We have just planted one in our church parking lot, and you gave me a lot of facts, which I don’t think we knew about. Wanted to get one for my home, but can’t seem to find where I can get one, and the lady who bought the church’s can not remember where she got it. Would appreciate if you could let me know where I could obtain a plant. Have checked the internet, only one site had it, but was out of it. Can I start a plant from a branch that we cut, but not sure how to start it to root. Hope to hear from you. Your site is on my favorites now, I understand your down to earth reports.
    Thank you, Donna

  2. Hi Donna – Just wanted to share with you that I found a yellow lady banks at Lowe’s. I checked everywhere else – nursery’s and Home Depot – Lowe’s was the only one to have it.

  3. I too am a huge fan of the Lady Banks rose… I am only sad that it blooms once a year… oh but what a display! For those who are in the zones where it florishes think about planting clemitis underneath it… they like shady roots and you’ll definitely have that with this rose, the more vigorous clemitis the better, it takes a lot to keep up with the growth on this rose, but it’ll give you another punch of color when the Lady is finished with her show.

  4. My Lady Banks rose bush has been planted for three yeras and still has not bloomed. It gets new leaves every spring and looks very healty…but no flowers. I put Bloom Booster on it last year…still nothing. Ant suggestions?

  5. I planted 6 Lady Banks rose bushes in early Spring and thus far have not seen a single abloom but lots of foliage. I live in the Washington DC area. Any advice please?

  6. Do the Lady Banks rose bushes maintain any foliage during the winter months or do they become bare? I am wanting to plant some here in North Carolina but want something that has foliage during the winter season.

  7. Oh, my! I just planted two (2) Lady Banks Roses; one on either side of an arbor. I did not think they required alot of pruning. Am I creating a monster? I just wanted to cover my arbor (swing underneath) quickly for shade. I tried

    • The largest lady banks in the country is 8000 feet in diameter, half an acre. They are no joke! Two would be one too many in any location near home. 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Today’s Homeowner community!
        TH community members helping other TH community members — we love it. 🙂

  8. i have 2 L. B’s growing in shade,zone 8, west Ga., just a little noon sun, either side of my farm gates,now reaching up into the pines on either side, about 15+ feet. perfect spot, i prune to keep it out of the car’s path. for 2 weeks or so it’s glorious, and the only color i could have in that spot. the blooming branches up into the pines are wonderful.

  9. I have 2 wonderful Lady Banks roses on either side of my front door, but they are starting to overgrow the path making it a bush whacking event to get to the door no matter how often
    I prune them. Can I move them to a different spot in my yard? If so what is the best way to transplant them?

  10. We just moved into a place in Tucson, AZ and there is a very large beautiful Lady Banks Rose bush in our yard. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves to go around smelling the different flowers in the yard, and he is especially attracted to this rose bush. Are these safe for small dogs? Sometimes, he seems to get sick afterwards, and I’m trying to pinpoint the culprit. I would love your perso0nal response to my question, as I’m very concerned.
    Thank you,
    R. Pritz

  11. My Lady Banks is 6 years old..hasn’t had blooms for 2 years now.. continues to grow but no buds.. great soil no changes feeding & care..??? no problem w/ other plants in same bed..Any ideas???

  12. My lady Banks tree blooms beautifully in the spring. Afterwards the leaves always have reddish brown spots. Can you tell me what this is? Is it something that will harm the rose?

  13. My lady banks, which bloomed spectacturaly this spring, has turned brown and I need some advise. It is still putting out new shoots however.

  14. Just make sure you don’t prune your Lady Banks at the wrong time, or you will cut off the blooms. Prune this rose in Spring, after it has flowered- or if it hasn’t flowered then just prune it when you are convinced it will not be flowering at all (May, for instance). It will set buds for the following year in the Summer.

    Many of you have stated what a fast grower it is, and how you have had to really prune it, and that it did not flower. I am guessing the cause is that the blooms were pruned off.

  15. I have a beautiful yellow Lady Banks Rose that has bloomed her little heart out. Recently some of the new growth has no flowers on it and the leaves seem to be curling up and turning pale green. What in the world have I done to this beautiful rose.

  16. I have over 100 lady banks roses planted on a bank in front of our house. I let them grow wild for several years and they were a mass of yellow blooms. They were so big and wild, we could not see cars going by on the street so I cut them all back. I just finished pruning them (after they flowered) and now they are sending out soft shoots that seem like suckers. They seem to grow about 10″ a day. Should I leave them or cut them off? Thanks.

  17. I planted a yellow banks rose on a divider 2 years ago. Not growing much and had one little cluster of blooms this year.
    need advice on soil and feeding.

  18. Will the yellow banks grow in central Arkansas. I hope so, I will try to buy some at Lowes. Thanks so much for the info.

    Alma Brown

  19. Lady banks is a beautiful plant. I would like to plant one in a LARGE pot on my back deck near an outside wall so that it will grow up along the side of my house and around my door frame. Does it require alot of SOIL to grow?

  20. My fiancé’s mother died in May. She was in a nursing home before that and the people living in the home did not take care of anything including the Lady Banks. As I will be moving into the home, and these were her favorite flowers, I would love to be able to bring them back to life. They are about 10′ in diameter, but about 4′ of that looks totally dead and has for quite some time. It October now, can I trim them back severely like I did miniature roses (very successfully)or ….I’m open to any suggestions.

  21. I have had a LBR for 6 years. It did wonderful against the house but I was forced to move it this past spring. Hasn’t really come back from the move and pruning. Still hoping. I have seen them at Pikes…Home Depot…and Lowe’s. But plant it where it can spread. Mine was going under my siding into the attic. Couldn’t keep up with it.

  22. I live in Tempe, Arizona and inherited a very well established Lady Banks rose growing by my front door (Northern) exposure. It is gorgeous and thrives. It has one little quirk that I’d love some answers to….every year it throws out 1-2 branches of pink blooms. Not just light pink-deep lovely pink. What would cause that?

  23. I am interested in planting a lady banks rose near a new pergola In our yard near Phoenix, Az. It will be about 12′ from a swimming pool, are they messy and lose a lot of leaves? Just removed a huge shade tree because of leaves in the pool, do not want the same problem. Also where can I purchase one in Az?

  24. I need to know how aggressive the root systems are for the Lady Banks Roses. I want to plant a couple Lady Banks Roses on a trellis right next to my house. Are the root systems aggressive so I have to be concerned about them going into plumbing pipes or my house foundation? Appreciate any assistance with this question.
    Thanks so much,

  25. I live in Phoenix AZ and the roses thrive here. Found mine at Lowes. I planted mine next to the wall surrounding my back yard. It is massive. Blooms every year. This year was exceptional! I just let it grow and occasionally trim a few NEW limbs. It is spreading across and over my wall. The roses need room to spread I just water and let it do its thing. No mess, no trouble!!! Very hardy.

  26. I planted my roses against my 6′ wall. They grew and still grow like crazy but a lot of dead limbs underneath have made areas sparse. What’s wrong? How can I save them.
    Joan T

  27. i have a lady banks rose vine that has done well for the last 6 years. Then in the last 2 weeks it started to dry out is now dying. Why would that happen? I have done nothing different.
    Thank you for your time

  28. I need to move my Lady Banks and prune it, too. When is the best time? It’s taking over the whole back porch and there’s some rot in the wood on the porch. I don’t think it’s the fault of the rose. She’s only 3 years old but I think I better move her!!

  29. I have just chainsawed my Rose Banks two feet above ground level. After reading (after the fact) about the plant, I realize I have done a stupid thing. Have I killed them or will they come back.

  30. I see a lot of questions, rather than just comments. But no answers.
    None-the-less here goes. I got a half dead plant at lowes bargain rack last year, and it survived the winter in that pot, which I had mulched.
    Now then.. where to plant. not near the house, or where incessant clipping is required. my shed is too shady. There is plenty of room for a large shrub between the veg garden and future orchard, so my question is can I just let it do its thing, or does it need a fence to support it?

  31. Have planted 2 Lady B’s against the back of my house with a southern exposure in Richmond Va. Zone 7. It gets a full morning of sun. This is year 3 , and I have yet to get it to perform. The 2 vines continue to get brittle, pale and loses it’s foliage with no blooms ( maybe a very few clusters). I had to cut it totally back last season in June. This June, it continues to demonstrate a weakness and pale to dry foliage. The James River is about 150 yards away. Is it getting bad winter cold that is effecting it? Is it being attacked by spiders which weave their webs all the time on this property ? I do not water it regularly. Is this a problem?
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you.

    B Toms

  32. I planted two, one white and one yellow. The white one completely take over my back porch with in 1-1/2 year in the Phoenix, Arizona sun, facing southwest. A yellow one is now starting creeping over my shed.
    Had deepdrip stakes and no fertilizer, I do throw in spent coffee ground
    Thank you,

  33. My Lady Banks rose keeps sending out these shoots that look very different than the rest of the vine. They grow really fast, they are thicker & stiff, not flexible like the older climbing growth. They are sticky with some substance and the leaves look slightly different. I’ve been pruning them off thinking they were some kind of sucker, but since I’m not getting a lot of any other kind of growth out of the plant, I’m beginning to wonder if that WAS new growth and it just changes as it gets older. Could really use some advice. Otherwise I’m not seeing the kind of rampant growth that others are talking about. I have 2 plants on either side of an arbor. West facing, slightly shaded by a tree. Inland Valley Southern CA. Thank you.

  34. I grew a lady banks rose on my first house and as you say it was constantly needing to be pruned and cut back. In memory of my husband who loved yellow roses, I planted another Lady Banks and it is doing very well, but no blooms. This is year two and I cannot get it to bloom. I dug a deep hole and the dirt below is rather thick but I planted plenty of organic matter around the original root ball and used a lot of porous material and I fertilize with standard miracle grow. I read somewhere that it might be getting too much nitrogen. Can you advise me on what I might be doing wrong. It’s so strange that the first one took off like a rocket as far as blooms and this one I wait and wait.

  35. I has two in PHoenix, Arizona and yet you can plant those pretty much anywhere, just don’t plant them under tree blocking all the sun as it needs 6+ hrs of sun. I believed as long as you support it, it will go up the palm tree without issue. For those who asked why it not blooming, try work more compost, spent coffee ground into the soil near by.


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