Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

Kuppersmith Project kitchen after renovation
Kitchen cabinet and countertop in Kuppersmith Project kitchen.

More than ever before, the kitchen is the center of family life in the home. One of my goals in renovating the 1926 Kuppersmith Project home was to make the kitchen as family friendly as possible by turning it into the focal point of activity in the home. This is in stark contrast to isolating the kitchen from the rest of the house, as is often the case in older homes.

Family Friendly Kitchen Design

To accomplish this dramatic transformation of the old, antiquated kitchen, I made these changes:

  • Doubled the size of the existing kitchen.
  • Removed the wall separating the kitchen from the family room.
  • Eliminated the door to the dining room and enlarged the opening.
Window seat and drop zone in renovated Kuppersmith Project kitchen.
Window seat and drop zone in renovated Kuppersmith Project kitchen.

Family Friendly Kitchen Amenities

To take advantage of the larger space in the new kitchen, and fill the needs of an active family, I added:

Moen kitchen sink and faucet.
Moen kitchen sink and faucet.
  • Large center island with DeNova granite countertop and seating for five.
  • Window seat and drop zone with Merillat cabinets for both storage and display.
  • Merillat kitchen cabinets with lots of innovative storage space and a separate coffee bar.
  • Five burner Bertazzoni range with decorative glass tile backsplash and Broan chimney style, vented range hood.
  • Large stainless steel Moen Lancelot double sink and Lindley eco-performance faucet.

Family Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Details

The Merillat kitchen cabinets I installed in the Kuppersmith house have lots of useful features for a family friendly kitchen, including:

Installing cabinet hardware.
Installing cabinet hardware.
  • Built-in cutting board with knife storage that fits inside a drawer.
  • Pull out waste basket to allow easy access to the trash container.
  • Water resistant CoreGuard sink base cabinet, which is made from a polymer material to prevent damage to the cabinet under the sink from plumbing leaks or spills.
  • Multi-storage pantry with door storage and interior swinging storage racks.

You can find out more about the cool kitchen accessories and cabinets at the Merillat Kuppersmith Products page.

Security for a Family Friendly House

Security and ease of access is a high priority in any home, but especially those with children. To keep the Kuppersmith house safe, I installed the Schlage LiNK® system, which has a combination door lock to allow for easy keyless entry.

Schlage LiNK door lock.
Schlage LiNK door lock.

The LiNK system also connects wirelessly to the Internet, allowing you to change the entry lock combination remotely, as well as lock and unlock the door using a secure connection on a computer or smartphone.

Other accessories available with the Schlage LiNK system include a lighting module that can turn lights in your home on and off, video cameras to allow you to monitor your home remotely, and even controls for the thermostat on the heating and cooling system. All of these accessories can all be accessed from your computer or smartphone.

More information about the Schlage LiNK is available at


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