Pouring Concrete Foundation for the Kuppersmith Project Additions

In addition to my extensive renovation of the existing 1926 house on the Kuppersmith Project, we’re also constructing a new garage and master bedroom suite to complement the home.

Work on the bedroom addition began by laying out the location of the room, then digging trenches for the poured concrete footings that will support the raised foundation. In order to distribute the load and prevent settling, footings are made much wider than the concrete block walls laid on top of them.

Since the garage foundation will have a concrete slab, a different approach is required. Thick footings around the perimeter of the foundation wall were dug to support the weight of the walls, and clay under the slab compacted for the garage floor.

Wooden forms were constructed around the perimeter, then the concrete slab and footings are poured all at the same time. Watch this video to find out more.

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