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This gold plated carpenter's pencil was found inside a wall

Every House Tells a Story

One of things I find interesting when dismantling an old house, is to see what you can find inside the walls. By taking a close look at the framing and exposed wall cavities, you can often find unusual reminders of the past—like a time capsule of a bygone era. Watch this video to see some of the cool things we found.
Danny Lipford with backhoe at Kuppersmith Project house.

Clearing Off the Kuppersmith Project Lot

I’m here in the yard of the Kuppersmith Project house where we’re in the process of clearing off the last of the vegetation and debris. After we used a backhoe to remove the old garage, I decided to go ahead and completely clear off the lot around the house so we could start from scratch on the landscaping.

The Project is Underway

Danny gets the crew together and the work begins.
Danny Lipford Looking Behind the walls of the Kuppersmith House

Looking Behind the Walls of the Kuppersmith House

Works is moving fast on our 1920s Kuppersmith Project house renovation. The good news is that after tearing out the old plaster and lathing, we’ve found very little rot or termite damage. With the plaster gone, you can see the antiquated knob and tube wiring that was used in the house, with single strands of wire supported by porcelain insulators.

Take my tour

See what I looked like before this project started.
tearing down old garage

Tearing Down the Old Kuppersmith Garage

The garage on our Kuppersmith Project house was so riddled with termites, rot, and water damage that we had no choice but to tear it down. I thought it would come down easier than it has, but about when the rain kicked in, the last of it hit the ground.
kuppersmith kitchen renovation begins

Kuppersmith Kitchen Renovation Begins

This is something I’ve been waiting for a long time, tearing out the old cabinets in this obsolete kitchen at the Kuppersmith house for our renovation project. We’re working with the folks at Merillat on the design of our new kitchen cabinets to create a family friendly atmosphere in the house.

Kuppersmith Renovation Project Underway

After planning the Kuppersmith Project for over two years, the renovation of our 1920s Tutor style home is finally underway. It’s busy here at the house with the construction crew on hand, and backhoes working to remove all the overgrown shrubbery around the house. There’s lots going on and lots more to come, and it’s going to be great!
A Visit to the Kuppersmith Project Neighborhood

A Visit to the Kuppersmith Project Neighborhood

The Kuppersmith Project is an English Tudor style home built in the 1920s that we’re renovating for Today’s Homeowner . It’s located in the Spring Hill area of Mobile, not far from Spring Hill College. We’ve been working on the planning stage of the Kuppersmith Project for a couple of years now, and it’s exciting to see it finally come together. Watch this video to find out more.

Getting Started on the Kuppersmith House Project

We’re starting on a major new renovation project that will turn this vintage 1926 house into something really special. Check my blog often to see more about the Kuppersmith Project, including how we plan to remodel this classic American home to make it more livable and energy efficient for today’s needs. There’s going to be a lot to see!

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