Today’s Dream Kitchen Remodel Underway

I’m with Linda Paradis, the winner of the Today’s Dream Kitchen Contest sponsored by Merillat. She took off work today to watch the progress being made on her kitchen, and she’s sure glad she did.

It’s amazing how much the contractor and his crew have gotten done in one day:

  • All the old cabinets have been removed.
  • The existing drywall has been taken out.
  • An interior wall was removed.
  • A new door and window are being installed.

At this stage it’s hard for Linda to imagine what her new kitchen will look like, but she definitely has a feel for how much more space she’ll have. Once the interior wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed, it really opened up the room.

There’s a lot going on around this project, and you’ll be able to see it all on an upcoming episode of Today’s Homeowner.


  1. Wow, this is so exciting.. I was able to see some of the work done. It is amazing. Linda we are so excited for you. Danny Lipford and crew, you guys are doing a wonderful job. What a great opportunity you have given Linda.

    Linda’s sister Christien


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