Tips on How to Light the Kitchen in Your Home

There are a number of options available for lighting the kitchen in your home, including:

  • Pendant Lights: These light fixtures extend down from the ceiling, and are a good way to provide direct lighting to an island or bar.
  • Sink Lights: A florescent light is often installed directly over the sink to provide lighting while working.
  • Under Cabinet Lights: Small florescent light fixtures can be installed under hanging cabinets to provide direct lighting to countertops.
  • Recessed Lights: Ceiling mounted recessed light fixtures can provide lighting around the perimeter in a kitchen as well as throughout the room.

Watch this video to find out more.

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I love these pendant lights that this homeowner installed in their kitchen just recently. You know lighting is something that, if it’s done right, can certainly improve the appearance of a kitchen as well as the way it functions. This is a great example, because they’re very attractive, but also provide some needed illumination right on this island where a lot of food preparation takes place.

Now, almost every kitchen has a light over its sink, which is good because a lot of work takes place here, but you can do the exact same thing right under a cabinet that will provide light – very even light – all over your countertop itself.

Now, a very popular way of lighting the kitchen are recessed lights, and this homeowner recently installed a few additional recessed lights around the perimeter of the room, and they can do a couple of things. They can provide task lighting for a particular area of your countertop. But with them being installed around the perimeter of this kitchen, they also kind of even the light out quite a bit, so that has certainly made a difference in this kitchen.


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