Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets in a Kitchen Renovation

Installing new kitchen cabinets and countertops is the most exciting and rewarding part of a kitchen renovation, but it’s important to make sure the cabinets are installed correctly.

Here are some tips gleaned from the installation of the kitchen cabinets in the home of the Today’s Dream Kitchen Contest winner, sponsored by Merillat.

When installing kitchen cabinets in your home:

  • Install the hanging corner cabinet first in an “L” shaped kitchen.
  • Next, align and level the hanging cabinets on each side of the corner cabinet.
  • Use screws to attach kitchen cabinets to the wall studs and adjoining cabinets.
  • If the finished floor doesn’t extend under the cabinets, attach blocks to the bottom of the base cabinets to raise them flush with the finished floor.
  • Since sink cabinets are prone to moisture problems, consider one with polymer sides and bottom, such as CoreGuard sink cabinets from Merillat.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Installing kitchen cabinets in a kitchen renovation is a rewarding part of kitchens. . Follow these interesting instructions we made a stylish kitchens.


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