Mike and BJ Whisenhant are the proud owners of a 1990s home where they have lived for a year. The house has an outdated look with many brown and muted colors. Although they replaced the flooring and repainted the walls after moving in, they still desired a more modern kitchen.

    BJ loves to cook, so having a contemporary kitchen is important. She hopes to modernize the space and lighten the cabinets. As creating the kitchen she adores is crucial, we are going to work to help fulfill this dream!

    Steps of the Project

    Removing the Awkward Counter

    BJ and Mike have extra counter space in their kitchen. It lacks storage and closes the kitchen off. So, we will create a walk-through and maximize the storage.

    First, we removed the old countertop and cabinets. Since we removed the old awkward counter, we must fix the flooring where the old counter was.

    Since BJ saved a box and a half of her flooring, the replacement process was easy. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Thankfully, BJ saved a box and a half of the flooring they used to floor the rest of the house, so replacing planks was an easy process.

    We removed the partial flooring pieces that butted against the old countertop. Next, we added a vapor barrier and placed two flooring pieces into the gap.

    Finally, we added the new counter. It is half the width of the previous one, allowing a walk-through that makes the space look bigger.

    BJ said she loves drawers, so we chose a counter with tall ones. We painted the drawers white and added a butcher block countertop to act as a focal point.

    BJ and Mike now have the storage room they deserve and the new counter space that they have been hoping for!

    This counter’s lack of storage was a problem for BJ and Mike. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    The new butcher block counter and reduced island improve functionality and make the space feel more modern. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Repainting the Cabinetry and Replacing the Countertops

    The kitchen cabinetry was dark, and the hardware was super outdated, so we decided to repaint the cabinets a light grey color and update the white laminate countertops.

    First, we removed all of the doors and hardware. Then, we sanded and primed the cabinets to ready them for painting. Because we had so many cabinets to paint, we used a paint sprayer. For the cabinet boxes, we used a paintbrush.

    Delta Stone installed the new granite countertops. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    We also replaced the hardware with new sleek, black hardware that adds to the modern feel of the new kitchen.

    To make the room feel bigger, we also decided to paint the wall above the cabinets.

    We removed all of the old laminate countertops and the old sink to prepare to install the new countertops.

    Next, the Delta Stone counter installers installed the new granite countertops. We chose white granite with a slight purple color throughout. These granite countertops were the perfect choice for this new kitchen because they matched the new modern space, and they were BJ’s dream countertops.

    The cabinetry was dark and in desperate need of an update. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    The new white granite countertops and kitchen cabinets are perfect for the new kitchen. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Updated the Sink

    The sink that was previously in the kitchen was a double-bowl sink, but it was so small and it was stained. So, we decided to upgrade to an apron front sink

    The new sink was easy to install, but we did have to make room for it.

    First, we cut some of the cabinet blocking out. Then, we added a wood block to fill in the gap left and made it look seamless and like it belonged on that countertop.

    The double-bowl sink was too small, and the homeowners wanted a larger and more functional sink. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    Since the new sink is bigger than the old one, we had to make room and add a wood piece to make it seamlessly blend into the counter. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Updated Old Lighting Fixtures

    Finally, we replaced the old fluorescent light with a new decorative pendant light. This new light fixture acts as an accent above the sink and ties the kitchen together.

    We repainted the ceiling fluorescent light a white color to camouflage it and bring less attention to it. (3 Echoes Content Studio)
    The new light fixture adds to the new modern feel of the kitchen and is way less harsh than the previous fluorescent light. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

    Other Improvements We Made To the Home

    We also:

    • Painted the ceiling fluorescent light white
    • Replaced the fluorescent light lens
    • Removed valence piece above the sink

    Post-Production Thoughts

    BJ and Mike’s 30-year-old kitchen was in dire need of an update to improve its appearance, and the layout of the space simply wasn’t working.

    The dark stain cabinets and tired laminate counters gave away the room’s age, and the oddly placed bar blocked traffic and offered little usable storage.

    But now the whole kitchen has a cleaner, modern look and a more open floor plan that works for BJ and Mike. The dark stain cabinets have been covered by the perfect shade of gray, and the antique hardware has been replaced by clean contemporary pulls.

    The granite counters and the apron front sink add an elegance that this kitchen was missing while they bring it into the 21st century. And the small island cabinet that replaced the old bar offers really useful storage and has become a focal point thanks to its warm butcher block countertop.

    This image shows the finished kitchen with the new white granite countertops, the light grey cabinets, and the updated apron front kitchen sink.
    The new updated kitchen has a modern and contemporary feel and is the kitchen of BJ’s dreams. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

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