Sizing a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

When buying a range hood for your kitchen, it’s important to make sure it provides enough airflow to remove the odors, smoke, and excess moisture from your home that are generated by cooking.

A range hood for an average size kitchen with a standard 30” stove should be rated to exhaust at least 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air.

If you have a larger than average kitchen or a stove more than 30” wide, then you would need a range hood that moves more air.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Amanda wants to know, “How do I make sure I have the right size range hood in my kitchen?”

That’s actually a very good question. It’s just one of the factors that a lot of homeowners don’t consider when they are selecting a range hood for their kitchen. But it is very important that you have a range hood that’s strong enough to provide the right type of air movement and exhaust out of your kitchen.

So, how do you know? Well, an average range is around 30 inches, and for 30-inch range you need a range hood that’s capable of moving 250 CFMs, that’s cubic feet per minute of air movement.

Now, if you have a little bit of a larger stove, which a lot of people do, you want to upsize it just a little bit. Now another factor that would need a larger range hood is if you have a larger than average kitchen.

That way you can ensure that you’ll get all of the odors, the moisture, and proper ventilation that you need for your kitchen.


  1. Please, please, please, amend this to note that it can be dangerous to oversize a kitchen range hood. Code requires that any range hood over 400 cfm must be accompanied by makeup air. This is because large exhaust fans can cause enough negative pressure in a home to make other appliances such as furnaces and water heaters to backdraft, pulling Carbon Dioxide down the chimney and into your home.

  2. My real concern is the noise the unvented range hood makes. When it is turned out we literally have to shout to continue our conversation. I want to bring an end to that. I have a 30″ range, but the room is open and without walls across two areas. What CFM do you recommend I get? Thank you so much for the additional note on note going over 400 CFM. I thought that would mean its quieter to run.


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