Replacing Faucet Completes Kitchen Remodel

Stainless steel single handle pull-down kitchen faucet from Danze.
Stainless steel, single handle, pull-down kitchen faucet from Danze.

Haley and Jimmy Rodgers have been working over three years on renovating their home. Watch this video to see how replacing their old kitchen faucet with a new stainless steel Opulence™ single handle, pull-down kitchen faucet from Danze (item# D454557SS) completes the project.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: You mentioned casually to us a few days ago about your displeasure with this faucet over here. Allen’s got something.

Allen Lyle: I got a surprise for you. I got a brand new faucet we’re going to put in. But I’m like the surgeon, I need my head nurse.

Haley Rodgers: OK.

Allen Lyle: So you’re going to help me with that, OK?

Haley Rodgers: OK.

Danny Lipford: When they were finishing up the kitchen part of this renovation three years ago, Jimmy and Haley opted for a fairly cheap faucet. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fared so well, so we’re replacing it with this new model from Danze.

While Allen disconnects the old faucet, Jimmy and I get the chandelier reconnected in the dining room so that we can give it a test.

Perfect. Perfect. All right, just a little bit of clean up, and we can get some furniture moved in here.

Danny Lipford: She and Allen have finished the faucet installation and she’s ready to test it out.

Haley Rodgers: It’s beautiful, I can wash my hands. It’s beautiful. Love it. Love it. Love it. Wow.

Danny Lipford: If Haley’s happy, that must mean we’re ready to move back in furniture.


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