How to Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

Joe Truini using hot sponge to clean grease off kitchen cabinets.
Joe Truini using hot sponge to clean grease off kitchen cabinets.

To cut through grease on kitchen cabinets without harsh cleaners:

  • Heat a damp sponge in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Spray the cabinet with a citrus-based cleaner
  • Wearing dishwashing gloves to avoid burning your hands, take the hot sponge out of the microwave, and use it to remove the grease.
  • Wipe off any remaining residue with a paper towel.

The combination of the citrus cleaner and hot sponge will remove the grease in half the time without harmful chemicals.


  1. I tried everything I could (five different cleaning products with lots of elbow grease, vinegar, dish soap) and I was about ready to just strip the varnish and redo the cabinets, but then I found this idea. I have dark cherry wood cabinets and the grease is very noticeable, the vent doesn’t circulate the air well enough to get the grease into it, so the oils are just all over the top cabinets and this trick, with a moderate amount of elbow grease, just wiped away all the oil that had splattered and finally got my wood cleaner to the wood itself. The cabinets look new again, thank you so much for this tip!!!

  2. You’re very welcome, Sue. I’m glad this cabinet-cleaning tip worked for you. As I mentioned, I think it’s the combination of the hot, steamy sponge and citrus-based cleanser that cuts the grease–without harming the cabinet’s finish. Using just one or the other wouldn’t be nearly as effective. Thanks for writing and good luck!–JT

  3. Thanks!
    Just wanted to say that the key is the ‘heat’. I’ve been cleaning for forty years and the combination of HOT & soapy (I used plain old dish soap) on a Dobie pad (i used the store brand) is the key. Soap up the Dobie then heat in microwave for 20 seconds. Don’t forget the gloves! Rinse with a warm rag. Dry with paper towels. If necessary repeat. Surface is grease free! 🙂 THANKS!

  4. I watched the Dec. 26th show on moisture and mold. What was the name of the mold spray. I need help with mold in my bathroom and have tried sprays that have not worked. Your brand came off in a snap. Thank you.

  5. I dont know if you are aware of a product called The Victorian House Wood Finish Rejuvenator but it is the Best grease cutter and it put oil In the finish to bring back the shine and eliminate any scratches and white faded areas too. It was invented for antiques in the 80’s and used to be hard to find but they are on the web now. If you want to read about it heres the address. I have used it for years myself .

  6. After trying everything I could read about, think of and experiment with, I ended up using a brillo pad to remove 7 years of grease and grime. Continuous scrubbing was not necessary. It came right off. I was trying to prepare cabinets for staining and even sanding was wearing me out. Sandpaper would get all gummed up and still be sticky. A fingernail could scrape off the original stain but would still leave sticky residue.

  7. Just wanted to let you know I tried this orange stuff and it left my cabinets white and streaked so after looking at them for several weeks I decided to look at the website Doris Miller suggested and ended up ordering 2 bottles of the Rejuvenator. It worked like magic on the cabinets and guess what else, my antiques and front door that was looking dry. I love this stuff. Just wanted to share. JMT

  8. Have to agree with the 2 Ladies. Doris and Jessica. The grease got worse with the oranges and water even with the hottest sponge I could use with the heavy gloves. I did order the Victorian House Rejuvenator- they had a special with shipping in August that had 2 bottles of the Rejuvenator and the Applicators. The stuff is great.. it cuts grease and leaves the shine and even though it doesnt smell as good as the Oranges it worked like a miracle. Gotta say I will be using it on a house have to sell for my parents that has a lot of Nicotene buildup. Thanks for a great product and in case you need the web address its I do love that its an Oklahoma product too, even though im from Texas. Zach

  9. My Mom has a light in her dinning room that need to be moved to the center of the table but I don’t know how to move the box in the ceiling or should I just give it a chain from point A to point B like my dad wants to do?? I think that would look stupid and make the electrician look like he didn’t know what Mom wanted. The electrician put the light in the center of the room not thinking about a walkway from one room to the other.

  10. When cleaning vertical walls or cabinets always start at the bottom. If you start at the top, greasy, dirty water runs down onto the dirty area leaving streaks that are almost impossible to remove. Starting at the bottom means any drips are running down onto already clean surfaces

  11. After reading the website about The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator i decided to give it a shot since i had used every product out there that had water in it which made my greasy cabinets worse. I am very satisfied with the results and will be buying more for my furniture and woodwork.

  12. Wow, I have been trying so many products trying to remove the grime and grease off my beautiful cherry wood cabinets. And this works like a miracle.. who would of guessed it’s the heating the sponge up in microwave and then spraying orange oil spray on cabinets,, FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much


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