Innovative Kitchen Corner Cabinet for Your Home

There are some great new innovative products each year at the International Builders’ Show, and one that really stood out at the 2011 trade show was a new approach to corner kitchen cabinet storage from Merillat called the CornerStore.

By notching the kitchen countertop and adding three deep drawers in the corner, flanked by rollout trays on either side, you’re able to utilize more of the space in a kitchen corner that’s often wasted.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Many of these booths feature cooking demonstrations as a way to draw in the crowds, but I found something even more interesting than that here in the Merillat exhibit. In almost any kitchen, you’ll have an inside corner, and that can really be a challenge when you’re trying to grab every inch of storage space you have in your kitchen.

Well, a lazy susan does a fairly good job, and it’s one option; but here’s an even better option. It’s from Merillat, and it’s called CornerStore. Now the first thing you notice is the countertop’s cut out a bit here, and that allows you very good access so you can get really close to the counter and use all of it.

But here’s how you take advantage of all this space. A rollout tray on this side gives you three levels of storage – three more over on this side. You can store just about anything in this. Then, these three really long drawers with an angled back allows you to grab every bit of the square inches and cubic feet you have in the corner.

Now, this works great on an inside corner; but you take a third of this, put it on the outside, and it works great on the end as well.



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