How to Add Roll Out Wire Baskets to Kitchen Cabinets

Roll out wire baskets installed in kitchen cabinet.

To make the best use of the storage space in deep kitchen cabinets, consider installing pull-out wire baskets, such as these 14” wide baskets from ClosetMaid, which are available at The Home Depot. For narrower doors, an 11” wide model is also available.

To install wire baskets in your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Measure the width and depth of the cabinet opening.
  2. Buy wire baskets to fit the size of your cabinets.
  3. Remove the cabinet doors, if needed, for better access.
  4. Center the base of each wire basket base in the cabinet opening.
  5. Position the base in the cabinet so the cabinet door will close.
  6. Attach the basket base to the shelf in the cabinet.
  7. Insert the wire basket in the basket base.
  8. Rehang the cabinet doors on the cabinet.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: This week we’re exploring home improvement projects that you can do for less than $100, and Allen is right in the middle of one with homeowner Bud Black. The back of Bud’s pantry isn’t very accessible because of its depth, so Allen has found some roll-out wire baskets to solve the problem At a little under $25 each, they come in under the $100 mark. Now, it’s just a matter of getting them installed.

Allen Lyle: All right. What are you thinking there, Bud?

Bud Black: Well, I think it’s going to work.

Danny Lipford: This kind of detailed layout may require a little extra effort like temporarily removing a cabinet door, but it’ll pay off later.

Allen Lyle: All right. Let’s go ahead and draw some lines here.

Danny Lipford: By precisely centering the baskets in the existing openings, Allen and Bud will not only ensure that there aren’t any obstructions when they roll out.

Allen Lyle: Fifteen. This is nine and a quarter. I didn’t know I had do any math here. Okay. Did you already get that?

Bud Black: I think.

Allen Lyle: Three and an eighth. Three and an eighth is what we got? Wait. Nine and a quarter. Subtract from 15. That’s five and, what did I say, a quarter? Five and three quarters left. Right? So, five and three quarters divided by two. That’s two and a half and three-eighths Two and seven-eighths. Is that right?

Danny Lipford: They’ll also maximize the extra shelf space that isn’t covered up by the baskets so that area can also be used for storage.

Allen Lyle: All right. Let’s say maybe, that basket sticks out a little bit. Want to bring it about two inches edge, will that work?

Bud Black: Well, you think it’s better to utilize all the space back to the back?

Allen Lyle: Want to take it all the way back?

Bud Black: Well, I don’t know about all the way.

Allen Lyle: Or bring it up?

Danny Lipford: Once the track is in the right location, it’s just a matter of securing it with a few screws before installing the basket and checking the clearance.

Allen Lyle: How about that? Think she’ll be happy with that?

Bud Black: Yeah. Let’s check that door and see if that door closes good.

Allen Lyle: How much do we have? Oh, half an inch. We’re good.

Danny Lipford: Now they simply repeat the process three more times.

Bud: All right, Allen.

Danny Lipford: And this pantry problem is solved.

Allen Lyle: All right. One more. Oh, yeah. I think you’re set.

Bud Black: Well, I think that did real well, Allen, but there’s only one thing. I think next weekend I’ll be putting them in the bottom cabinets.

Allen Lyle: Well, you know, making work for other people is what I’m good at. Good luck.

Bud Black: Well, we thank you.


    • Hi Jean,
      As noted in the text below the video, the wire baskets we used in the video are available at The Home Depot. You can also buy them on the ClosetMaid website. To purchase the basket online, click on the Home Depot or ClosetMaid link in the article above.

  1. The cabinet I would like to retro fit is only 10″ wide. I can put
    wicker baskets in but need to find the kit that will allow me to pull the baskets forward. Do you know of any?


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