Nothing gets spring off to a good start quite like a thorough spring cleaning. Here are spring cleaning tips to increase the life and energy efficiency of your appliances.

    • Refrigerator: Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum out any dirt and dust under it. Remove the vent located at the bottom of the fridge, and clean as much as possible from underneath with the vacuum’s crevice tool.
    • Clothes Dryer: Carefully tilt the dryer back, or pull it out from the wall, and clean underneath it. Remove the clamp on the vent hose and clean the inside of the hose with a vacuum. Replace the hose if the lint doesn’t vacuum out easily or if the hose is misshapen or punctured. Remove lint from the dryer vent cap and check to make sure the vent cover opens and closes fully.
    • Paddle Ceiling Fan: Turn the fan off and wipe down the top of the blades to remove any dust that has accumulated over the winter.
    • Smoke Detector: Vacuum any dust in and around smoke detectors. Check the battery and replace it if necessary.
    • Air Conditioner: Cut any plants or shrubs back away from the condenser unit, and rake any leaves out from around it. Turn off the power to the unit, then spray the outside with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris. Be careful not to bend the aluminum fins by applying too much water pressure with the hose.
  • Range Vent Caps: Clean any grease or other debris off range downdraft vent caps, and make sure they open and close to maintain proper airflow.

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Danny Lipford: When the weather starts warming up, people start thinking about spring cleaning. Well, there’s a number of things that you can clean around your home that not only will make them work better, but they’ll last a lot longer.

The refrigerator is one of those. Start by carefully pulling your refrigerator out away from the wall, then thoroughly vacuum up all the dust and dirt. Then clean under the refrigerator as much as you possibly can.

Another appliance that can benefit from spring cleaning is your clothes dryer. Tilt the dryer up and clean under it, and also disconnect the vent hose and vacuum it out as well.

Now, many homes have multiple ceiling fans, and taking the time to clean each of the fan blades can prevent dust from affecting the fan motor. Now, the same goes for dust that can accumulate in and around smoke detectors.

Outside it’s a good idea to clean your air conditioning condenser unit. Pull out any leaves and debris from around the unit, then spray it off with a water hose. Also, if you have dryer vent caps or range downdraft vent caps, keep them free of debris so that they can work as well as they should.

Now, no cleaning is fun but at least you can take comfort in knowing that this type of chore will allow your appliances to last longer, work more efficiently, which means you’ll save money in the long run.

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