Tips to Maximize a Small Kitchen’s Storage

To increase the storage space in your kitchen cabinets and make items easier to find, consider these simple DIY projects:

  • Towel Bar Rack: To hold items like cookie sheets and cutting boards, mount two bathroom towel bars on the inside door of a kitchen base cabinet with a support underneath.
  • Spice Shelf: Make a narrow (2½” wide) spice shelf from wood with a support underneath, and attach it to the inside of a kitchen hanging cabinet.

Watch this video to find out more.

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To maximize storage in a small kitchen start with the little things. Make a cookie sheet rack by mounting two towel bars on the inside of a base cabinet door with a small shelf between them to support the pans. Just be sure the mounting screws don’t protrude through the front of the cabinet door.

For wall cabinets you can create some handy spice storage around the perimeter of a cabinet on a small shelf made from one by three stock to make more space for dishes.


  1. Hello. I have kitchen cabinets that have that open lip on top of the cabinet. I hate cleaning it and want to know how to close off just the lip on top, not sure what the proper name is for that?
    I will keep the space to make storage on top of that. Its the fur down.


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