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April 26, 2023

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    Updating your fitted kitchen is a brilliant way to make your mark on your dream home. With so many styles and colours available, you can truly design your kitchen to match your personality. These spaces are not only meant for gathering, but for preparing meals and making memories.

    A new kitchen is a big investment, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into not only the design but which company you choose to build and install your units and appliances. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as your budget, your ideal design and the extent of your kitchen renovation. In this guide, we explore all of these factors, as well as review the top fitted kitchen companies in the UK.

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    Best fitted kitchen companies

    1. Best Fitted Kitchens Company Overall: Wickes
    2. Most Affordable Fitted Kitchen Options: IKEA
    3. Most Customisable Kitchen Options: Howdens
    4. Most Fitted Kitchen Options: B&Q
    5. Best High-End Fitted Kitchens: Magnet
    6. Best Fitted Kitchen Design Service: Wren

    Cost of the best fitted kitchen companies in the UK

    The total cost of your fitted kitchen will vary depending on a number of factors, so it’s impossible to give an exact figure of how much a new kitchen will cost. However, based on our market research, these are the average prices you can expect to pay for a standard eight-unit kitchen from each of the retailers on our list, not including installation, appliances or accessories.

    Fitted kitchen companyCost of cupboards (excluding installation)
    IKEAFrom £475
    Wren KitchensFrom £576
    WickesFrom £929
    B&QFrom £1,054
    MagnetFrom £2,393
    HowdensFrom £5,000 (estimated)

    What factors impact the cost of a new fitted kitchen?

    It can be difficult to work out the exact cost of a new kitchen without contacting companies for quotes. This is because there are a number of factors that can impact how much you’ll pay – including where you live, as this will affect the cost of labour and materials. While our guide can give you an estimate of the average cost of a fitted kitchen, it is important to understand that you could end up paying much more or much less depending on your unique circumstances.

    According to our estimates, you can expect to pay anywhere from £3,000 to £20,000 or more on a new kitchen, depending on the retailer you choose to buy from and the cost of installation. This price can go even higher if you’re completely renovating your space including floors, wall tiles and lighting, or if you are changing the layout, as this could involve moving gas, water and electricity points. 

    Here are some of the biggest factors that can impact the cost of a new kitchen:

    The size of your kitchen

    Perhaps the most important factor to consider when researching the cost of a fitted kitchen is the size of your space. The smaller the kitchen, the fewer units it will require and the cheaper it will be. A small kitchen typical requires seven or eight units, a medium kitchen 10 to 12 units and a large kitchen 15 to 20 units. You can purchase eight-unit kitchens from IKEA for as little as £475, not including appliances or door handles, while a high-end Magnet kitchen of the same size could cost more than £8,000. The installation cost will also be higher on a larger kitchen, as it will likely take more time and possibly more installers.

    The layout of your kitchen

    Along with size, the layout of your kitchen has a big impact on the cost of renovating it. The most common kitchen layouts in the UK are one wall, galley, L-shape, U-shape and G-shape. A simple one-wall or galley kitchen will be much easier and cheaper to install than a large, open-plan kitchen with an island, for instance. It will also be cheaper to keep the layout of your existing kitchen than it will be to redesign the space and move the location of major appliances, as this will likely involve moving gas, electricity and water points.

    Kitchen units

    The cost of your kitchen units will depend on the material used to manufacture them, and not all cupboard materials are created equal. Solid wood units are the most durable with proper maintenance, but they are also the most expensive due to the soaring cost of solid timber in the UK. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is the most popular material for kitchen units, as it’s inexpensive, easy to work with and holds up well to humidity. While very cheap MDF units can be flimsy, opting for a thicker carcass will give your new kitchen longevity. Plywood offers similar durability to solid wood, but it tends to be less expensive, costing somewhere between solid wood and MDF. The cheapest kitchen units will usually be made from melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), and while the lower end of the price scale could result in units with a short lifespan, much like MDF a well-made unit can last a long time. This is particularly true if you opt for a timber-faced MDF or MFC unit, which gives you the best of both worlds.

    Kitchen worktops

    Just like the units, your choice of materials will impact the price of your kitchen worktops. Laminate worktops tend to be the most affordable, followed by solid wood, depending on where you live. Natural stone is the most expensive type of kitchen worktop, with granite being slightly cheaper than marble, depending on where you live. Corian is an engineered material made with resin and minerals, and it tends to be cheaper than natural stone but more expensive than laminate. However, it’s important to understand that the cost of materials can vary drastically depending on where you live, whether there are supply issues – something that has been a problem in the UK in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit – and the cost of labour.

    Kitchen floors and wall tiles

    If you’re planning a more holistic kitchen renovation, new floors and wall tiles will likely be on your wish list. As with everything else, the size of your space and the materials you choose will impact the cost of your new kitchen. Vinyl flooring tends to be the least expensive option, followed by tiles and laminate, resin and solid wood. 

    Wall tiles vary greatly in price depending on the material you choose and the design of the tiles themselves. You could end up paying anywhere between £12 and £70-plus per square metre, not including installation. 

    Be aware that not all fitted kitchen companies offer flooring and tiling as part of their design service, so you might have to source these elements elsewhere. Installation costs will vary depending on where you live and how long the job will take, but expect to pay around £150 to £200 per day.


    Changing the lighting in your new kitchen is a great way to literally bring fresh light to your redesigned space. If you’re simply replacing your light fixtures without changing their location, this will be much cheaper than installing new lights or moving fixtures, as this will require an electrician.

    Old kitchen removal and installation

    While many of the fitted kitchen companies we’ve listed in our guide can either provide you with a quote including installation or put you in touch with recommended installers, in some cases it might be necessary to source your own fitter. Again, the amount installers charge varies depending on where you live, their availability and whether the job requires multiple people. When gathering quotes, be sure to find out if the price includes removing your old kitchen cupboards and appliances.

    Appliances and extras

    Getting a new kitchen doesn’t have to include new appliances, but many people choose to update these at the same time to save on installation costs and to ensure their entire kitchen has a fresh look. The most common appliances included in a kitchen renovation are ovens and hobs or cookers, refrigerators and cooker hoods, though it is becoming more popular to opt for extra appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves and coffee machines.

    As with everything else in your kitchen, you can opt for more affordable brands or splash out on premium appliances. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option to save money, brand reputation is an important factor to consider. Spending a bit more now could save you from having to fix or replace a broken appliance in the near future.

    Many fitted kitchen companies also offer a range of extras to maximise your kitchen space, such as cupboard and drawer inserts to help with organisation, in-counter electric outlets, plinth heaters for spaces that don’t have room for radiators and waste disposal units.

    What is the best kitchen worktop material?

    Kitchen worktops can be customised to match your style and the design of your cupboards, but it’s also important to consider how you plan to use your new kitchen. 

    If you’re an avid cook and will be doing lots of food preparation, you might want to opt for a hard-wearing worktop material such as granite or quartz. Both of these stand up well to scratches, spills and heat, but quartz is often preferred by style-conscious homeowners, as it offers better colour uniformity than granite. 

    If the look of your kitchen is more important to you than its practicality, or you don’t do much cooking and food prep, you might want to consider wooden worktops, which have a timeless appeal. However, wood worktops need much more maintenance than other surfaces, as they need regular oiling to keep them protected from liquid damage and stains. They are also more prone to scratches and dents.

    If budget is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with laminate worktops. While not as hard-wearing as granite or quartz, they’re also not as high-maintenance as wood surfaces and are easier to keep clean. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, laminate can convincingly emulate the look of more expensive materials, such as wood, granite and marble, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic without the price tag.

    Corian is a great option if you’re looking for something more hard-wearing than laminate but less expensive than natural stone. It’s stain resistant and durable, but can be prone to heat damage. While it is susceptible to light scratches, these can usually be buffed out relatively easily. Like quartz, Corian is known for its colour uniformity so is perfect for those with a specific look in mind.

    The best fitted kitchen companies in the UK

    1. Best Fitted Kitchen Company Overall: Wickes

    • Kitchen ranges: 14 Wickes Bespoke kitchens, plus five Wickes Lifestyle flat-pack ranges
    • Number of styles: 4
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    There’s a reason Wickes is such a popular brand; it provides incredible fitted kitchens at even better value. With 14 different Bespoke ranges to choose from in 44 different colours, as well as five ready-to-fit Lifestyle ranges, Wickes will help you fully design your dream kitchen from scratch. The company also offers a two-year workmanship installation guarantee for extra peace of mind.

    Wickes pros and cons


    • Free Design Service including home visit
    • 20-year guarantee on all cabinets
    • Price-match promise
    • Local Wickes-approved installers – no need to source your own fitter
    • One stop shop for everything including lighting, flooring, tiles and paint


    • Certain colours not available with specific ranges
    • Limited worktop colour options
    • Installation quality may vary, as fitters are local Wickes partners

    What do Wickes Bespoke fitted kitchens include?

    Wickes’ Bespoke fitted kitchen ranges come in four different styles. The modern Intelliga and J-Pull styles feature handleless doors for a sleek and accomplished look. The Shaker style has a timeless feel that works in both a contemporary and classic home setting. And finally, the Slab style provides a clean foundation from which to add a touch of flair with one of the many handle options available. All kitchens come with soft door-close technology as well as an array of storage solutions to maximise your space.

    Wickes add-ons

    If you want to add some finishing touches to your kitchen, Wickes has some impressive options to choose from. We particularly like the wireless worktop charger that works with Qi compatible devices and the plinth heaters that help warm those drafty corners away from your radiator.

    How much does a Wickes fitted kitchen cost?

    For its 14 Bespoke kitchens, Wickes has three price brackets denoted by a pound symbol on the company’s website, ranging from most expensive to least. Lifestyle kitchens tend to be cheaper because they come flat-packed and are ready to install out of the box. As an example, the Dakota kitchen in white starts at £929 for eight units, while the Camden range in Midnight starts at £3,128 for the same number of cupboards. 

    Our research shows that Wickes kitchens are very competitive regarding price when it comes to the other national fitted kitchen retailers. And while the installation price might be higher than you can find from a local carpenter, the company’s knowledge of fitting kitchens plus its two-year workmanship guarantee makes it a worthwhile investment.

    Our opinion of Wickes fitted kitchens

    With expert Design Consultants, local, trusted installers, and a great range of inspiring kitchens for all budgets, Wickes is our top recommendation for fitted kitchens.

    Please fill out a form to start your kitchen journey with our trusted kitchen partner, Wickes.

    If you need a wider range of design options or you want more luxurious and high-end finishes, other retailers might be worth investigating.

    2. Most Affordable Fitted Kitchen Options: IKEA

    • Kitchen ranges: 4
    • Number of styles: 20
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    If you’re planning a kitchen renovation on a tight budget, a great place to start your search is IKEA. Best known for its flat-pack furniture, the Swedish company also offers four fitted kitchen ranges that are designed around the same DIY ethos – though we recommend hiring an installer because each individual component of your kitchen will come flat-packed with dozens of parts. Whether you’re after a timeless shaker style or in need of a quick fix for rented accommodation, IKEA likely has something to suit your idea without breaking the bank.

    IKEA pros and cons


    • Budget-friendly options
    • Highly customisable – choose your door handles, colours and other accessories
    • Lengthy guarantees – the METOD range comes with a 25-year warranty


    • Can be tricky for DIY due to hundreds of components
    • Installation is contracted to independent installers
    • Mass-produced kitchens, meaning you could have the same kitchen as someone else

    What do IKEA fitted kitchens include?

    Just like its popular furniture ranges, IKEA’s fitted kitchens come with a variety of customisation options, allowing you to mix-and-match cabinets, door handles, drawer inserts and other accessories to find a style that matches your vision. You can use the company’s online kitchen planning tool or visit your local store to have an advisor design your kitchen for you. You can measure your space yourself or pay £35 for IKEA to do it.

    IKEA also offers the finishing touches for fitted kitchens, including a small range of appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, taps, splashbacks and kitchen lighting. However, if your project includes new flooring or wall tiles, you’ll need to source that elsewhere.

    IKEA add-ons

    IKEA is known for its clever storage and organisation products, and its fitted kitchens are no different. The company offers a wide range of accessories to maximise the space in your kitchen, including drawer and cupboard inserts, wall storage and organisers and kitchen islands and trolleys, all of which can be paired to match your kitchen’s design.

    How much does an IKEA fitted kitchen cost?

    The total price of an IKEA fitted kitchen will depend entirely on your design options and what kind of accessories and appliances you choose. According to the website, an eight-unit METOD kitchen costs between £725 and £1,250, not including appliances and door handles. The ENHET range starts at £667 for the same number of units, though the website lists plenty of smaller options starting under £400. The KNOXHULT range starts at £475. The base unit for the SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen is £180.

    Our opinion of IKEA fitted kitchens

    While it might not offer as many ranges as the other suppliers on our list, IKEA shouldn’t be overlooked as a place to shop for a fitted kitchen. Its budget-friendly options are easily customised to match your vision without spending too much, and the company’s innovative storage and organisation solutions can make all the difference when it comes to maximising your space. Although it might be tempting to install your kitchen yourself to save money, we recommend hiring someone to do it for you to save yourself the headache of building each component. However, be aware that IKEA will match you with an installer on TaskRabbit, meaning there’s no guarantee of the quality of installation. That being said, plenty of customers have given glowing reviews of their fitted kitchens, so we would say IKEA is worth considering.

    3. Most Customisable Fitted Kitchen Options: Howdens

    • Kitchen ranges: 9
    • Number of styles: 3
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    If you’re all about variety, Howdens may be the brand for you. Offering 25 very different and distinct fitted kitchen designs, from accent features and high-end finishes to all-white sleek aesthetics and cooler, darker tones, there are plenty of options available. However, Howdens only sells to the trade, so customers will need to find a builder or carpenter who has an account with Howdens before starting the process. They can get the price from Howdens and install the kitchen for you.

    Howdens pros and cons


    • Large range of kitchen designs
    • Brochures and kitchen trends for 2022 available


    • Trade only – you must contract a builder to get a quote
    • Lack of clarity on the number of units prices are based on

    What do Howdens fitted kitchens include?

    Howdens has a variety of fitted kitchen designs. There are three door styles to choose from and four different finishes, including a paintable door, which is not something we’ve seen other retailers offer. The type of material from which certain aspects of the kitchen will be made will largely depend on the style you have selected. For instance, the Allendale Antique has a satin-matt finish on the doors, whilst the actual doors and cabinets are made from chipboard.

    The company also has appliance packages, making it easy and seamless for you to purchase your kitchen appliances.

    Howdens add-ons

    There are plenty of accessories that can be bought from Howdens to add flourish to your kitchen. From wine racks to corner protectors, there are multiple accessories to select.

    How much does a Howdens fitted kitchen cost?

    As previously mentioned, Howdens offers trade-only pricing. However, we managed to find a few customer reviews that provided more exact pricing. One customer claimed that she had three builders provide quotes for the building work and they all said ‘allow £5,000 for a Howdens kitchen.”

    However, the same customer said that when fitted, with appliances, flooring, and all units, the total was £8,000. Based on these estimates, the lower end of Howdens’ kitchens would start at around £5,000 without certain appliances. You can expect that more expensive models, with high-end appliances, could total up to £15,000 or more.

    Our opinion of Howdens fitted kitchens

    If you’re looking for the most diverse kitchen designs available, Howdens is the place to go. It may offer only 26 designs, but many of these differ greatly from other brands. Howdens also includes kitchens with pops of color, quirky aesthetics, and more. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, there is a lack of clarity on pricing and on which appliances are included with your fitted kitchen.

    4. Most Fitted Kitchen Options: B&Q

    • Kitchen ranges: 12
    • Number of styles: 3
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    There’s very little to dislike about B&Q; it offers plenty of advice on its website, so you can truly visualise how your dream kitchen would come together. While B&Q has only 12 different fitted kitchen ranges, the design options are all diverse and very budget-friendly, so if you’re looking to save whilst purchasing your ideal fitted kitchen, B&Q is the way to go.

    B&Q pros and cons


    • Virtual showroom available
    • Diverse range of kitchen designs
    • Kitchen visualiser on website
    • Transparent pricing model


    • No in-house installation service
    • Limited colour options in some ranges
    • Selection of appliance brands not as big as competitors

    What do B&Q fitted kitchens include?

    B&Q has a dedicated door range, with a variety of features. From glazed finishes (this will depend on the kitchen style) to selecting whether your door is handleless or not, you will be able to create your dream kitchen.

    A B&Q fitted kitchen will typically include cabinets – both wall and base units – as well as drawers and worktops. The company has several different door styles available depending on the design. For instance, the Stevia design features a matt finish on the doors. The kitchens usually have a few different worktop options available, as well. With the Stevia, you can choose from either laminate or solid wood, with the laminate option featuringing 25 different colors.

    B&Q add-ons

    There are plenty of add-ons to choose from, all of which can be found on the website. From strainers to baskets and drainers, kitchen handles and more, B&Q offers excellent appliances to add to your dream kitchen.

    How much does a B&Q fitted kitchen cost?

    While exact prices will be bespoke to your project and depend on factors such as the colour or finish, worktops, appliances and additional accessories, the B&Q website says its Chia range in grey oak finish starts from £1,054 for eight units excluding installation, while the Verbena range in natural oak starts from £2,897 for eight cupboards.. However, you can choose to purchase an 11-unit or a 16-unit kitchen.

    Unlike other brands, B&Q has plenty of budget options. If you wish to get a more exact quote, you can book a free design consultation appointment with the company. 

    Our opinion of B&Q fitted kitchens

    B&Q is excellent when it comes to shopping for fitted kitchens. From sleek aesthetics to warm, contemporary designs and pops of color for your splashback, you’re spoiled for choice. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a fitted kitchen on a budget, B&Q has many more options than other companies. Unfortunately, B&Q does not have a custom design option, so if you want to design your fitted kitchen from scratch, this company may not be the best choice.

    5. Best High-End Fitted Kitchens: Magnet

    • Kitchen ranges: 14
    • Number of styles: 3
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    If you’re looking for high-end finishes and luxury products, Magnet may be the way to go. Its fitted kitchens are usually pricier, but the materials the company uses are of incredible quality. The aesthetics and designs the company offers are also more unique and different than the traditional options available.

    Magnet pros and cons


    • More than 20 different kitchen designs
    • Brilliant, high-quality aesthetic
    • Extensive customer service options


    • Customers can’t purchase appliances on the website
    • Appliances not included in the price
    • High-end brand with premium prices

    What do Magnet fitted kitchens include?

    With Magnet, you can expect your fitted kitchen to feature high-end finishes, no matter what design you choose. An eight-piece unit will typically include cabinets, doors, end panels, trims, and plinths. Of course, each design will have varying appliance finishes, but we were especially impressed by the Hoxton’s kitchen aesthetic; the slab doors and streamlined blends give it a true contemporary feel. 

    Magnet add-ons

    If you’re looking to add some finishing touches to your kitchen, Magnet has some brilliant devices to select from. We were especially impressed by the temperature-controlled wine coolers and the barista-style coffee machines. Magnet also offers plenty of accessories, including LED strips and spotlight lighting to illuminate your kitchen. 

    How much does a Magnet fitted kitchen cost?

    Pricing is between £2,393 and £8,366 on Magnet kitchens. These prices are all based on an eight-unit example, but you can also choose to purchase a 12 or 16-unit kitchen.

    Our opinion of Magnet fitted kitchens

    Magnet is the go-to for luxury materials and high-end finishes. If you truly wish to invest in your kitchen and ensure you have the best possible materials, we’d recommend using this company. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward transaction, this may not be the company for you since there is a lack of clarity on the website regarding which select appliances are included in the pricing, and you’d have to purchase other appliances through another retailer. Visit their site to fill out a form and get started.

    6. Best Fitted Kitchen Design Service: Wren Kitchens

    • Kitchen ranges: 3
    • Number of styles: 3
    • Finance available: Yes

    Our take

    Wren Kitchens offers the largest range of fitted kitchen options, boasting 88 different kitchen design combinations. Furthermore, the company’s website is incredibly user-friendly and seamless to navigate. You can also get an exact quote without having to contact the customer service centre or call the company. Aside from offering such an extensive number of kitchens, Wren Kitchens provides eight, 12, 16 and 20-unit options.

    Wren Kitchens pros and cons


    • Extensive amount of fitted kitchen options
    • Exact quotes available without requiring you to contact customer service
    • Easy-to-use online kitchen planner tool so you can have an idea of what you want before your design appointment


    • Customer chat service can be faulty
    • Doesn’t provide many kitchen appliance options
    • Customer reviews have pointed out some issues with aftercare

    What do Wren fitted kitchens include?

    If you’re looking for unique, custom kitchens, consider Wren Kitchens. From grain finishes, laminate worktops and matt door finishes, the company offers a variety of fitted kitchen styles. The company also has a great variety of door styles, including textured doors with the Shaker kitchen. If you’re looking for a more modern style, the Milano has quartz worktops.

    You may pick and choose which appliances you would like to be included in your kitchen. You could select the minimum – hob, oven, hood – or the maximum, which includes six appliances: the oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer, dishwasher and microwave. If you prefer to only go for the minimum of three, you can purchase the other appliances on the Wren Kitchens website, but there aren’t many options.

    Wren Kitchens add-ons

    Wren Kitchens offers a variety of add-on appliances, including dishwashers, taps, dryers and sinks. All of these items are high-end appliances and come in different colors and styles, so you can match them to your ideal kitchen design. The company also boasts worktops and handles, so you can truly personalise your kitchen.

    How much does a Wren fitted kitchen cost?

    Prices start at £576 and range all the way up to £5,306 on fitted kitchens. These prices are all based on an eight-unit example with three appliances selected. If you wish to get a larger unit kitchen, you can do so but this would cost more. You can book a free appointment with the company and get a direct quote.

    Our opinion of Wren fitted kitchens

    With 88 combinations available, as well as custom worktops, different units and the option to include as many appliances as you’d like, Wren Kitchens caters to all tastes. It has a brilliantly straightforward and seamless user experience, and out of all the brands listed, Wren Kitchens is the easiest company to get an exact quote from. One downfall we encountered was that if you did not want to get the fitted kitchen with the appliances and would rather get different items, there isn’t a large host of options on the website. Fill out a form to get started.

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    How to choose the right fitted kitchen company for your project

    Getting a new fitted kitchen is a big decision, and choosing the right installer is an important step in the process. Each of the suppliers on our list offers a range of kitchens in a number of colours and finishes, and they all bring something different to the table. As such, it’s important to consider a number of factors when deciding which companies to get a quote from – and we recommend contacting several companies so you can weigh the pros and cons of different quotes before signing a contract.

    Here are some things to think about when starting the process of getting a new fitted kitchen.

    1. The size of your space

    It’s important to get accurate measurements of your kitchen so the design consultants you speak to know what will fit in the space. This way, they can more accurately estimate how many cabinets to include and which appliances to offer. Some fitted kitchen companies offer a free measuring service as part of the design consultation, so be sure to ask if this is something they can do to ensure they have the most accurate measurements before starting. If a company doesn’t offer this service, you can probably hire a builder to do it for you, but this will likely cost extra.

    2. Your kitchen’s layout

    As well as the size of your space, the layout can have a big impact on price. In general, galley kitchens or kitchens that only take up one wall of a room will be less expensive than a U-shaped or open-plan kitchen. If you have a smaller space but want to maximise your storage, many retailers offer accessories such as cupboard and drawer inserts that can help with organisation. However, keep in mind that all extras will add to the total cost of your fitted kitchen.

    3. Your budget

    If you have a very specific budget in mind and can’t afford to go above it, be clear about this when talking to fitted kitchen suppliers. When you start getting quotes, you should also check whether there are any costs that aren’t included, as some online reviews have revealed people getting stuck with hidden extras after the installation is complete. But before you start gathering quotes, you should take some time to think about how far you want to go with your kitchen renovation. Are you happy with your current floors or wall tiles, or do you want to change them? Do you want to paint the walls to match your new-look cabinets? Are you thinking of keeping your existing appliances? Is new lighting something you’ll want to include in the project? Setting a realistic expectation of what you can and cannot do with your budget is the key to getting accurate estimates from suppliers.

    Knowing the price ranges offered by different suppliers is also important. If your budget is on the higher end or you’re not concerned with how much you spend, it’s worth considering some of the more premium fitted kitchen companies on the market. On the other hand, if you know exactly how much you can spend or you’re looking for bargains, many of the national retailers such as Wickes and B&Q will be ideal. Keep an eye out for sales and special deals, as many of the companies we’ve covered run offers several times a year that can help lower the total cost.

    4. Your vision

    Have a look around on the internet for fitted kitchen design inspiration. All of the companies on our list above have useful websites with great pictures of their ranges to give you an idea of the styles and colours on offer. If you have a clear idea of how you want your dream kitchen to look, it will be easier to narrow down which suppliers to go to, as some have more limited selections than others. If you’re considering selling your house in the near to medium term, it’s probably best to choose a style that will appeal to the majority of people, as the kitchen is often the most important room when buying a house. If you’re in your forever home, you can feel more confident in adding flares that reflect your own personality.

    How we tested these fitted kitchen companies

    We thoroughly went through each company’s fitted kitchen options, contacting customer service and filling out forms to get exact quotes. We comprehensively studied each option, as if we were purchasing the fitted kitchen ourselves.

    Fitted kitchen company verdict and recommendation

    A fitted kitchen is an excellent way to create the kitchen of your dreams and may even add significant value to your property. Additionally, plenty of retailers allow you to select from an array of different appliances and accessories to go with the kitchen of your choice.

    Retailers like Wickes make it very straightforward to get a free no-obligation quote, and the company also offers a two-year installation workmanship guarantee that provides peace of mind. To book a design appointment with Wickes, please visit their site.

    However, if budget is not an issue and you want something truly bespoke and high-end, consider companies like Howdens and Magnet.

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