SimpleMat Contractor Roll Makes Backsplash Installations Easier

Pressing tile backsplash into a SimpleMat
SimpleMat from Custom Building Products makes installing a backsplash easier than ever.

If you’ve watched Today’s Homeowner TV much, you’ve probably seen us use the SimpleMat product to install ceramic tile for things like backsplashes.

It’s great because there’s no need to apply messy thinset mortar or mastic to the wall. You just peel the backing from the mat and stick it in place. Then you can stick the tiles to the mat and immediately apply the grout without waiting overnight.

Well, apparently, we weren’t the only ones who liked it.

So, Custom Building Products has packaged a Contractor Roll that covers 30 square feet. That makes it even easier to install tile on countertops, backsplashes and shower walls in the quickest, cleanest way possible.

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