Tips for Mounting a Range Hood onto Granite

Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Here’s a question from our Sept. 21 broadcast:

Karen in Tennessee says, “We are installing a full granite slab from counter to top ceiling on one wall where the range hood will sit. What is the correct order for this?

I’ve seen various posts for tile, but not for full granite slab. Do we mount the range hood on top of the granite (so nervous drilling into granite!) or do we mount the hood on something (plywood to build it up to sit flush with granite?)”

We tell Karen she could make a template out of cardboard for the footprint of the granite. Have the granite guys cut a section out from that so there can be plywood in between the granite and the studs.

Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the answer!
Read the blog from the Sept. 21 show and listen to the full broadcast here.


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