Filter Water Discreetly, Under the Sink

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Buying water bottles in bulk is a great way to have healthy water on hand for drinking and cooking, but you end up with dozens of plastic bottles.

We always encourage recycling but there is another option to get the clean water you need without dealing with the mess.

GE’s Under Sink Osmosis Filtration system discreetly provides the cleanest water for your household. This system filters your water three times to ensure you’re drinking water that is 96 percent clear of any lead, arsenic, and ammonia.

The filter is discreet – installed right under your sink – and filters up to 11 gallons of water daily.

You’ll also get a stylish chrome faucet with an indicator built in to let you know when its time to replace the filter.

For more information on GE’s Under Sink Osmosis Filtration System log on to


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