Cleaning Range Hoods

When it comes time to clean the kitchen, it’s no secret that the dishes, countertops, stove, and floors need to be on the cleaning list. But don’t forget to look up at your range hood.

Over time fumes, particles, and smoke from cooking will lead to an unwanted layer of grime on the hood. Keeping the hood to your range clean and free from greasy build-up will keep the fan operating more efficiently, but don’t forget about cleaning the filter.

A filter clogged with grease and grime will make the fan work a lot harder with less effect. For metal filters soak them in hot, soapy water.

If you have stubborn build-up, add a small amount of ammonia to the water. Charcoal filters, however, cannot be cleaned. When these filters don’t remove smoke out of the air any more, they must be replaced.


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