Making the Most of Kitchen Storage

Forget about the living room. The kitchen is the social hub of a home. In fact, a recent study by Merillat found that the kitchen is the most influential room when deciding to buy a home.

Today’s homeowners want their kitchens to reflect their personal tastes while accommodating their daily lives.  And a kitchen that can do all this is in need of one thing — smart storage.

Storage is Key

Another key insight revealed from Merillat’s research study is that 84 percent of consumers consider storage features to be the most important factor in their cabinetry decision process — this consideration is second only to price.  And while consumers know they want more storage, they often don’t know what’s available to them.

According to Paul Radoy, manager of design services for Merillat, the best way to approach kitchen organization and storage is to first understand how you plan on using the room. “Everyone uses the kitchen to prepare food; however, many homeowners use their kitchen for entertaining, crafting, or just spending time with their families,” he says. “Each of these activities lends themselves to various storage opportunities. And when a kitchen is designed for the way you live it’s sure to be more functional.”


The Home Chef

Food preparation and cooking are the primary functions of a kitchen, but creating an environment for gourmet cooking is a special treat for homeowners who consider themselves “at home chefs.”

To create this environment it’s important to keep cooking items organized and within easy reach. Storage solutions could include a pull-out spice rack next to the stove, perfect for cooks who like to experiment. A cutting board kit neatly stores knives within a drawer and has a built in cutting board.  This feature combined with a pull-out trash underneath can make food prep a breeze.

Extra wide or deep drawers are a perfect storage solution when installed under a cook top. A deep drawer organizer, which features solid hardwood pegs, is ideal for storing bulky items like pots, pans and mixing bowls.

Another option is to install a utensil hanging system on the backsplash, or a pull-down cook book holder underneath a wall cabinet. Finally, grouping all these organizational conveniences near the cook top creates the perfect space to create culinary delights.

The Entertainer

If you’ve ever had a party you know everyone ends up in the kitchen.  This is why homeowners who like to entertain should consider whether or not their kitchen is functional for entertaining.  Luckily there are several features that can help make the party successful.

One kitchen features that helps make entertaining easier is an island.  Not only can it provide extra seating and serving space, it can include great storage. According to Radoy, “An island with a great focal point like a wine storage is classy and practical. And adding spice drawers to hold napkins or small utensils like corkscrews is another great idea.”

Another great idea is open shelving.  These shelves allow the homeowner to display beautiful dishware and glasses; and guest can help themselves to a plate for appetizers or a glass for wine.

The Mommy

Moms know that having young children can make the kitchen a challenging space, but there are features to make this room more kid friendly.  Soft closing drawers and doors protect against hurt hands, while keeping the contests from rattling.

Deep drawers to store children’s items like a backpack, schoolwork and crafts are a big plus.  And a pantry or utility cabinet is perfect for a family as it allows the homeowner to store many different items in one central location and at different levels making some things more accessible or inaccessible for children.

“Homeowners may also consider placing the microwave in a base level cabinet so everyone in the family can have easy access,” suggested Radoy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with kids come messes. Having an organizing the cleanup zone can minimize clutter and make any kitchen shine. Things like a tilt-out sink tray, which keeps soaps and sponges out of sight, an under sink tote and a pull-out waste basket help to keep things tidy.

“However you use this most popular room in the house, smart design and innovative storage can makes life in the kitchen easier – and more fun.” concluded Radoy.

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