Creating a Multipurpose Room

Install Light Fixture in Ceiling

This light fixture adds a modern elegance (and ambiance) to the mulipurpose room.

John and Danny carefully remove the crown molding so wiring can be routed from the ceiling cavity into the wall cavity, without removing drywall. We’ll re-use this molding, so it’s important to remove the nails carefully.
Our electricians, Wayne and Jeremy, finish adding an overhead light.

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf visit with John and Emily Bass, and their three children, John Findley, Ellie and Shepard.

Post-Production Thoughts

The formal living room in John and Emily’s house wasn’t needed for a formal purpose.

With three small children, the need was much greater for a play space, homeschool activities and Emily’s home office.

Plus, the room lacked good lighting and a way to close it off from the rest of the house.

The addition of overhead lighting will make the room much more useful and the sliding doors will allow the kids to focus during school time while John and Emily can hide the chaos of their play time.

The display bookshelf is both attractive and an encouragement for the kids to read often.

Our second-hand table and chairs cleaned up nicely for the kids’ learning space and the chalkboard makes it all seem “official.”

And the cubicle storage system will allow Emily to keep their school materials and toys well organized.

Best of all? This entire project (for materials only) cost just under $950.

That includes:
• Doors: $64 per door
• Door Hardware: $440
• Light Fixture: $82
• Book Cases (4): $175
• Lumber for Chalkboard: $24
• Chalkboard Paint: $10
• Table/Chairs: $50
• Corkboard Squares: $12
• Fabric to Recover Chairs: $12

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