Creating a Multipurpose Room

This second-hand table and chairs just needed some stain to fit with everything else in this room.

Refinish table and chairs

For a multipurpose room that partially serves as a homeschool, we need a table.
After a little sanding , the top of the table is ready for a new coat of stain.

We also recovered the chairs with new fabric. (You should have seen what was on them beforehand.)

Install Sliding Doors

The Bass’ home has a clear view of the formal living room from the foyer — not a good thing! We’ll cover it up with sliding doors.

We’re ready to install the sliding doors over the cased opening to the room.

Once the track is level and secure, we can hang the doors and add the accessories. Then it’s time to install the display shelf.

Sliding doors can drown out nearby distractions so the children can concentrate on their school work. The doors also allow John and Emily to hide the play area from visitors.

Add Open Book Shelf in Book Nook

A display shelf for children’s books will encourage John and Emily’s kids to read.
The book covers on display will also add some visual interest to the room.
After we build the shelf, Emily helps John apply the stain.


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