8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

Kitchen with sustainable floor
Eco-friendly flooring comes in a variety of stylish options. (DepositPhotos)

Consider sustainable flooring

From reclaimed wood planks to FSC-certified wood, you have plenty of options when it comes to sustainable flooring. You can even get sustainable cork or bamboo for your floor.

The good thing about these choices is that you won’t have to sacrifice your kitchen’s beauty just to make it eco-friendlier.
These materials can still make your kitchen a lot more pleasing to the eyes without harming the environment.

Teflon pans
Non-stick Teflon pans are convenient, but also release toxic chemicals.

Say goodbye to Teflon pans

While Teflon pans are convenient to use for cooking because of their non-stick properties, they are notorious for releasing toxic chemicals.
Plus, they also need to be replaced often as they get damaged quite easily.

Replace Teflon pans with pots and pans made of cast iron or heavy-duty stainless steel. If you enjoy baking, consider getting ceramic casserole trays and dishes.


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