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Keep Your Cool Week

To help you survive the hottest season of the year, Today's Homeowner and American Standard HVAC are kicking off "Keep Your Cool" Week. It's time to give your air conditioner some TLC, and we've got the expertise and advice you need. Check out our curated collection of how-to videos, Simple Solutions and insider tricks to keep your home cool and your energy bill in check all summer long.


Home Air Conditioner: Repair or Replace?

Staying comfortable is essential during the hottest months. Use this guide to determine whether to repair or replace your home air conditioner.
Woman repairs air conditioner ductwork with metallic foil tape

How to Repair Leaks in A/C Ductwork

Finding and sealing leaks in your air conditioner's ductwork can save energy and lower your heating and cooling bills. Watch this video to learn more.


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