July Home Maintenance To-Do List

Water filter

To-Do #4: Replace Water and Icemaker Filters

The filter on water filtration systems and icemakers should be changed as recommended by the manufacturer, which for most filters is every six months.

When water filters aren’t changed regularly, the flow of water from the faucet can slow and mold may form inside the filter.

Most water filters are easy to replace, by turning off the water and removing the cover or pressing a release tab.
Be sure to take the old water filter, or the model and part number, with you to the home center so you can buy the right replacement filter.

Home water filter options include:

  • Pitcher Water Filter: No installation needed. Simply pour water in the top of the pitcher, and put it in the refrigerator.
  • Faucet Water Filter: Easy to install. Remove the faucet aerator and screw the filter unit on the end of a kitchen faucet. A valve directs water through the filter for drinking or through the faucet for other uses.
  • Countertop Water Filter: Easy to install by attaching directly to the faucet nozzle. The larger filter lasts longer and isn’t in the way as much as faucet-mounted filters.
  • Under-Sink Water Filter: Requires some plumbing to install in the cold water line under the sink. Can use a separate water dispenser installed next to the sink or connect directly to the faucet.
  • Icemaker Water Filter: May come built into the refrigerator or can be installed in the icemaker water line.
  • Whole House Water Filter: Expensive and requires plumbing work. Units are installed in the water line leading into your house and filter all the water in the home.


  1. Loved the show about the pavers in the front and staining concrete in the back. I need a total makeover on my back yard so I can put on an Engagement Party for my daughter when she comes home from Boston in September. I am going to try the pavers for a patio area with a firepit..

  2. Love Today’s Homeowners TV show. Wish you were on 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.
    -Mrs. Johnnie Ireson-

  3. How do I get rid of the stinky smell coming from my bathroom sink? My husband plunged it and this black gunk came out of it, but it still smells.

  4. Love your show even though it’s an early Saturday morning wake up for us to view it, can never remember to dvr it!! Also love your monthly update with tips for the month. With any house, the rule is “there’s always something”, and that stands true for ours. We’ve gotten some great ideas and great hints from your show. Now, could you tell us, why does every year the yard seem to get LARGER for care of the lawn and beds and such? Haha, yeah we know the answer to that one. Love your show!

  5. For the question from another viewer about the stinky bathroom sink – I use 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup table salt and 1/2 cup white vinegar. I pour it down my drains, wait 20 minutes and then flush with very hot water. Works for me and all natural – no chemicals. Thanks for a terrific show. (Unfortunately, as I type this, Dish Satellite is in dispute with Tribune (Channel 5 locally) and I won’t be able to see it. I hope the issue is resolved quickly.)

  6. Have consistent problem with door going from sunroom out onto deck.
    Sunroom is raised over rear patio. In winter door binds on threshold. In summer door will not lock due to stricker position. Have relocated lock
    holes twice. Door is fiberglass five years old. I realize problem is due to
    expansion/contraction . How do I fix this. Would a wood door act the same way?
    Love your show.

  7. My siding was replaced in 2008 and caulking was used to seal joints. Shortly after that time caulking was replaced using a metal plate under joint. My caulking has dried out in some spots and am wondering if a metal plate be inserted under joint?

  8. Ever since our home burned we can smell a musty odor( inside)coming in location where outside new chimney had to be put up. We have sealed all places where think coming from and still there , been 10 years!! Front door next to it , we also checked that.


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