It’s Spring – Are You Ready to Mow?

John Deere Ready To Mow™ service center on wheels for home or business.

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Signs of spring are here and lawn lovers across the country are anxious to tackle outdoor activities like fertilizing, tilling the garden, and the all-symbolic “first mow of the season.” When creating your Spring “to-do” list, do you have a check-box that reads: Maintain Outdoor Power Equipment? This task is not only essential for the safety and performance of the equipment, but also helps keep your yard healthy and free of disease throughout the summer.

Feeling Handy? Do It Yourself!

In just a couple hours, you can perform basic maintenance on your outdoor lawn equipment. You want to make sure your equipment is ready at the beginning of the season so it will run smooth and safe throughout the next few months. Some steps to follow include:

  • Change and dispose of oil; replace filter.
  • Check and replace worn spark plugs.
  • Brush grass clippings away from cooling fans, air intake screens, and under mower deck.
  • Inspect air filter.
  • Sharpen Blade.

Use “Hassle Free” Mobile Service

Not everyone likes or is able to perform their own maintenance. Similar to a doctor’s house call, there are mobile services available to deliver the service center to your doorstep. For example, John Deere offers Ready To Mow™, where one of their factory-trained technicians comes to your home or work with a service center on wheels to perform a 12-point maintenance and inspection service on all outdoor power equipment. A few steps involved with this service include:

  • Check battery voltage and continuity.
  • Clean engine.
  • Inspect belts for wear and adjust tension.
  • Check tire tread and pressure.
  • Test operation of brakes, carburetor, transmission, and safety systems.
  • Change transmission fluid, engine coolant, oil, and filters (certain models).
  • Grease axle and mower spindles.
  • Sharpen blades, check balance and straightness to prevent vibration.

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