3 Quick Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save Money

Need to insulate a home on a budget? Install these Duck Brand products:

  • Weatherstrip Doors: To stop leaks around the top and sides of a doorway, apply self-adhesive, Weatherstrip Seal. To stop drafts under a door, install Triple Draft Seal door sweeps.
  • Insulate Windows: To keep the cold from coming through single-pane windows, apply plastic film Roll-On Window Insulation Kits.
  • Insulate Attic Stairs: Pull down attic stairs are often poorly insulated and can drain heated air out of your home. Adding an Attic Stairway Cover over the opening helps keep heated air inside your home where it belongs.

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If you’re looking for ways to insulate your home on a budget, focus your attention on the larger areas where outside air can sneak in. The three most common problem areas are exterior doors, windows, and attic access doors.

The solution for leaks around the top and sides of a doorway is the application of a self-adhesive, Duck Brand Weatherstrip Seal. To stop the flow of air underneath a door you need a door bottom seal like the Duck Brand Triple Draft Seal. It simply slides over the bottom edge of the door and once in place, it grips tight to seal out unwanted drafts without obstructing the door’s movement.

Speaking of drafts, you’re probably fighting them around windows, too. And the answer to that problem is added insulation—like the Duck Brand Roll-On Window Insulation Kit. Made of crystal clear shrink film with a pre-taped top edge, this seal is easy to attach to a window frame. Then an ordinary hair dryer tightens up the film to snug fit—stopping drafts and adding an insulating cushion of air between you and the outside.

The cold air in your attic is also trying to leak into your home, but a Duck Brand Attic Stairway Cover can provide the protection you need to stop it. This flexible, lightweight dome is easy to assemble and it’s re-positionable, so you can stop the drafts without limiting access to your attic.

The answer to easy home insulation is Duck Brand Home Weatherization Products. Get the Duck to Do It!


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