It’s hard to stay cool in the summer’s sweltering heat — that’s why your air conditioner’s performance is so important.

Just a few routine tasks will help you avoid A/C breakdowns and save money on your energy bills.

So, what can you do beyond changing the air conditioner filter to keep the unit properly maintained?

Start with the outdoor condenser unit — shut off its power. Then, sweep away any debris and use a garden hose to wash off remaining debris.
Next, trim shrubs back and straighten any damaged fins in the unit.

The air-handling unit extracts a lot of water from your home through the A.C. condensation drain line, so a little maintenance here goes a long way.

Keeping the drain line clear is essential, so pour a cup of bleach down the drain line at least a couple times a year.
If the drain line does get clogged, use a wet-dry vacuum to clear the pipe.

Finally, remember: A central air conditioner does not last forever. In fact, its lifespan is between 14 and 18 years.
However, you can avoid a lot of problems by purchasing a quality system today.

The most important factor in choosing a new air conditioner unit is the SEER rating.
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER, the less you’ll spend on operating costs.

Federal law mandates a minimum SEER of 13 for all new air-conditioning units.

Watch the video above for more air conditioner maintenance tips!

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