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May 9, 2023

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    When it comes to home ventilation and air conditioning appliances, Fujitsu is a household name. Apart from its smart features that suit today’s modern living, Fujitsu is primarily sought for its highly efficient heat and cooling technology. Consequently, whether you live in a tropical country or a country covered in ice, Fujitsu’s mini split air conditioner and heat pump can keep your home comfortable all year round. 

    Still in doubt about whether Fujitsu will provide the best HVAC experience? Take a look at this complete review of the Fujitsu Minisplit.

    The Perks of Using Fujitsu Minisplit AC/Heat Pump

    The Fujitsu Minisplit AC and Heat Pump provides various benefits all year round. Here’s a few of the best:

    • Energy-efficient HVAC system. Fujitsu technology provides homeowners with the ability to reduce their energy consumption while using air conditioners. This capability saves homeowners money.

      For example, the inverter and individual zoning control system allows users to assign a different temperature for each indoor unit of their home. Gone are the days of the entire home being set to one temperature. 
    • Year-round comfort. Fujitsu’s Minisplit series provides year-round comfort to you and your family thanks to its efficient cooling and heating system. Its heating technology, for instance, is built specifically to fit lower temperatures. 

      It has a feature called Extra Low-Temperature Heating that can keep your home warm despite an outside temperature of -15°F. 
    • Easy installation. Fujitsu’s air conditioners are also easy to install thanks to its ductless technology. The air conditioners take up very little space and only require the use of a drill to create a 3-inch hole which connects the indoor and outdoor units using a wire and refrigerating tube. 
    • Warranty. Fujitsu has a 5 to 10 year warranty which covers all of its Minisplit air conditioners. The warranty includes labor, too. 

    Complete Fujitsu Minisplit Features

    Fujitsu’s Minisplit AC and Heat Pump technologies offer a wide range of features. 

    1. Individual Zone Control. One of the most impressive features of Fujitsu’s Minisplit technology is its individual control and multi-room zoning. This technology allows you to connect a single outdoor unit to up to eight indoor units. It is thus an excellent HVAC system for large households with multiple rooms.

      But that’s not all.

      This system also enables you to assign a specific temperature to each room. In other words, you can set and control the thermostat for each indoor unit that you have in your house. You can also turn it off, if for example the area is unoccupied. This helps you save both energy and money.
    1. Ductless technology. Another energy-saving feature of Fujitsu is its ductless technology. As its name suggests, the Minisplit AC and Heat Pump does not use the old school air distribution technology. Instead, it has two units (outdoor and indoor) that are connected by electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing.

      This technology yields numerous benefits, including saving up to 30% of energy consumption ductwork losses using a central air system. It also saves space while keeping things discreet. This is possible because, as mentioned above, the unit only needs a three-inch hole to connect and place the electrical wires and tubes. 
    1. Air filtration. For people who are meticulous when it comes to the quality of air in their houses, you will love Fujitsu’s air filtration technology.

      Essentially, its HVAC system has built-in air filtration which deodorizes air by decomposing odors through the use of ions. These ions, which are generated by ultra-fine particle ceramic, will then lessen and oxidize any absorbed stench lingering in the air. The air filter is long-lasting and can be used for about three years.

      In addition, it also has an apple-catechin filter which absorbs and deodorizes spores, dust, and mold. But compared to the standard air filter accompanying the system, this filter only lasts for three to twelve months. 
    1. Inverter system. Another handy feature of Fujitsu Minisplit is its inverter system. Essentially, the inverter system automatically adjusts the room’s temperature without someone manually changing it or turning it off/on. In this system, the compressor activity depends solely on the cooling or heating demand of each room. 

    An air conditioner with an inverter system consequently helps you save money by reducing energy consumption and power loss.

    1. FGLair smart features. Modern living needs modern features. As such, Fujitsu integrated new smart technologies that enable users to control their units remotely and easily. And these are the FGLair wireless LAN app and FGLair command voice.

      Here’s how each feature works:
    • FGLair wireless LAN app. As its name suggests, it is a mobile app that allows homeowners to remotely control their Fujitsu air conditioners simply through their smartphones. And you can do it whether you are inside or out of your home.

      The app contains several key functions such as the ON/OFF switch, fan speed, weekly timer, louvre position, and ESP function.
    • FGLair command voice. The FGLair command voice, on the one hand, is powered by Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Using either of the two, you can simply turn on/off your air conditioner and set the temperature.
    1. Extra low-temperature heating. The last, but certainly not least, of Fujitsu’s features is its XLTH or Extra Low-Temperature Heating technology. This feature is a specialized heat pump system that can warm areas as cold as -15°F, which is the best capability of all Minisplit air conditioners.

      Moreover, Fujitsu’s heat pump comes in various styles and sizes. It comes with the following as well:
    • Base heater. Heats the base of the outdoor unit to prevent it from freezing.
    • Metal fan guard. Fujitsu uses a metal fan guard, unlike other air conditioner brands which usually use a plastic guard.
    • Base drainage holes. The outdoor unit has holes to drain melted water. 

    Is It Worth the Price?

    To answer whether it is worth buying, the answer would definitely be a yes. 

    Other air conditioners offer almost the same system Fujitsu does. However, its Minisplit Series includes modern technologies—the mobile app and voice command feature, for example—that suit today’s modern living well.

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