Why You Need Fresh Air Inside Your Home — And AC Won’t Provide It

Air conditioners outside a yellow home.
If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system, a whole-house air purifier can enhance its filtering capabilities. (DepositPhotos)

You may not know this, but while your heating and cooling system is capable of removing dust, it can’t get rid of smoke, pollutants or VOCs.

Those contaminants stay trapped inside your home because our houses today are so well sealed and insulated. So the air inside is actually more polluted than the air outside in many cases.

The convenience of conditioned air is great, but don’t forget the importance of bringing fresh air into your house. A supply fan can bring fresh, outside air into your home but then your furnace and air conditioner have to bring it to a temperature that’s comfortable for you.

An even better solution is installing a balanced air system like an Energy Recovery Ventilator, or ERV.

These systems transfer the temperature from stale air inside your home to a supply of fresh air coming into the house. Then, they exhaust the stale air to the outside while preserving the comfort inside your home.

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