How to Add Crown Molding When Your Vents Are Too High

Crown molding
Here is the trick to adding crown molding near a vent.
David wants to add crown molding in his dining room, but he has a pretty big problem: the position of his heating and cooling system’s register is located right under the ceiling. The ductwork is located between the home’s first and second floors, and that’s why the first-floor register is so high on the wall. David just doesn’t see any way to install crown molding around this vent, and he’s wondering whether there’s a slim vent that he can replace the register with, or if he should just relocate the ductwork and lower the vent.
Crown molding concern because of the vent location
How to add crown molding near a high vent.
This is a common problem, and one thing you don’t want to do is choose smaller molding (like placing the equivalent of a thin shoe molding) for the room’s perimeter just to accommodate this inconveniently placed vent. We recommend David install the molding right up to the vent’s grille and then return it back into the wall. In other words, let the register interrupt the crown molding. A more expensive solution is to lower the register — just a few inches should be fine — but that can involve more work and cost than what it’s worth. Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the full answer! Read the blog from the Feb. 15 show and listen to the full broadcast here.  


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