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It’s a snow-melting mystery: A Nebraska homeowner’s roof is the only one on his block without snow. We’ll talk about what’s causing the heat, where it’s coming from, and how to prevent it.

Plus, it’s important to prepare wood before staining and installation. One homeowner tackles a project with dated, ‘70s-style wood paneling, another preps for a new deck. Learn about the few steps you must take before grabbing a nail gun.

Also, Danny shares his recent travel nightmare and, Joe mixes up his cooking and gardening. Learn how you can use a muffin tin to get a head start on your spring planting.

Listener Questions

Heat Escaping Through the Roof
Ryan from Nebraska – “I run a corn stove for heat in my home and I’m losing heat through my roof. When it snow no matter how cold snow on the roof melts. How do I stop this where is my starting point?”

The Best Time to Stain Deck Boards
Clarence from Ohio – “I bought 10 new deck boards to replace my bad ones. I wanted to stain them before installing. They are in my basement that is dry. Is this an OK idea and how long should I wait to stain?”

Lighten Up Dark and Dated Paneling
Dennis from Wisconsin – “My wife wants me to paint/lighten up the dark 1980’s paneling in our basement family room, can this be easily painted, or should the groves be filled with joint compound first?”

Shopping Bag Stringer

Keep shopping bags from sliding around your car truck by making a stringer out of a length of cord and some carabineers.

Muffin Tin Plant Spacer

When planting seeds or seedlings in your garden, here’s a quick tip for spacing them evenly and accurately.

Best New Products

RIGID 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vac

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er you probably have a wet/dry vacuum- or you need one. But people often have issues with these tools so the RIDGID 12 Gal. RIDGID NXT Wet Dry Vac was designed to solve most of them.

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