American Standard HVAC: Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Friendly American Standard HVAC technician, who is wearing a cap, smiles, holds a clipboard, and stands beside a condenser unit
American Standard HVAC has a range of products to keep your family comfortable and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

American Standard HVAC is no stranger to the air conditioner business.

It’s been around for well over 100 years and has a line of heating and cooling systems that includes split, package and commercial systems. It also has a range of air filters and humidifiers.

American Standard HVAC products don’t just ensure you’ll stay comfortable in your home; they also ensure the indoor air you breathe in will be cleaner so that you and your family can stay healthy.  

Listen to this special Today’s Homeowner Podcast to learn about American Standard HVAC products along with some tips about purchasing an AC system and maintaining it through the years.

We’ll talk about these AC systems’ energy efficiency, how variable-speed technology isn’t just cool but also quiet, and we’ll talk about the importance of choosing the right-size system for your home.

  • [0:28] Mark Woodruff, product manager, introduces American Standard
  • [1:20] What you should know about variable-speed systems
  • [3:54] The importance of sizing your heating and cooling system
  • [7:19] What you should know about air conditioner filters
  • [10:04] Smart thermostats: Much more than controlling air
  • [13:43] Finding the ‘sweet spot’ of SEER ratings
  • [16:32] Improving your home’s indoor air quality


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