If you don’t want to disturb the setup of your rooms, or don’t have a tiny window wherein you can install a window air conditioner, split AC is your best bet.

You may be familiar with the setup: an outdoor unit controls a ductless indoor unit.

But these systems have evolved, and now multi-split air conditioners allow you to have more than one indoor unit controlled by the outdoor unit. The indoor units can be placed in the same room on opposite ends or in two rooms.

Split air is beneficial for small rooms or halls that can’t accommodate central AC units. Split ACs are widely used in homes and offices due to their aesthetic exterior and low to no noise. After reading about fixing and preventing common issues with these units, check out our ductless AC unit cost guide.

3 Common Issues and Solutions for Split Air Conditioners

The average lifespan of the outdoor unit of a split AC is 10-16 years, while that of the inside unit is 14-18 years. During that time, split AC — like all home fixtures, at some point — can present some challenges.

Here are some examples:

1. AC Not ‘Swinging’

Several people using split ACs have trouble receiving cool air throughout the room due to a malfunctioning swing mechanism.

This could possibly be due to a printed circuit board not sending current to the swing motor, or it could result from a damaged motor.

You may need to replace the stepper motor. For this, you’ll need to contact an HVAC technician.

2. AC Blows Hot Air

If your AC is blowing warm air instead of cold, you need to check the condenser in the outdoor unit.

  1. First, look for any leakage.
  2. If you find your fan spinning and making a noise, you might have a leak in your refrigerant lines.
  3. If your AC gas is leaking, you can go ahead and replace it.

If your fan motor is not spinning, the issue could lie in the fuses or breaker located in the main panel You may need an AC expert to have a look at your AC to fix it.

3. Unit Doesn’t Drain Properly

If your split AC is not draining as much water as it did when it was new, it won’t cool your room with the same efficiency.

  1. Check to see whether the air filter is clogged. If it is, have it cleaned with water.
  2. If it’s not clogged, it might be low on gas, thus freezing up the coil.
  3. Let the water run for a while by setting the fan on and AC off.
  4. You’ll know you’re low on gas when the water starts leaking.

You should be able to fix this on your own.

3 Steps to Fix Split Air Conditioner Leaks

  1. Place a plastic bag around your indoor unit to prevent any water from leaking onto the floor or furniture.
  2. Blow air into the drain tube located in the outdoor unit, either using a vacuum cleaner or simply blowing your breath into the pipe.
  3. Once you leave the pipe down, dirty water should escape. You can also use a vacuum pump to do this job, as it is the most effective way of quickly draining dirty water.

Despite the fact that you need to maintain your AC system every few months, an annual tune-up is a must.

Why You Need Annual Tune-Ups

Despite the fact that you need to look into the maintenance of your AC every few months, an annual tune-up is a must.

This, in turn, will reduce frequent breakdowns of your AC, avoid the extra expenditure on repairs, and enhance the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Air conditioners are made up of complex working components and you can’t fix everything on your own. That’s when professional help is advisable!

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