3 Common Issues with Central AC Units — and DIY Fixes

If you have a huge home with a basement, it is wise to use a central air conditioning unit.

You’ll save yourself from the extra spending and maintenance of installing an AC — such as a ductless unit — in every other room.

Additionally, you benefit from the clean air that this AC offers.

It takes in air through return air ducts and gives out clean air through air filters, which remove dust and lint.

Central ACs keep you comfortable at home no matter the temperature outside, as you can regulate them accordingly.

However, you may come across some common issues. Let’s take a quick look!

3 Common Issues and DIY Fixes of Central AC Units

The lifespan of a central AC is 10-15 years, after which it would require replacement.

However, you may experience the following issues every once in a while.

1. An Overflowing Drain Pan

The drain pan, which is located under your indoor air handler, could be overflowing.

In such a case, ensure that you turn the unit off to understand if there is a leakage of any kind.

With the help of a wet-dry vacuum, you can clean the overflow pan, further scrutinizing the edges to see if the drain pipe is cracked.

In case it is, you can fix it in the simplest way using water sealant or replacing it if the damage is severe.

2. AC Not Working at All

The issue could be a blown fuse. You can reset the breaker or replace the fuse.

If the breaker continues to trip, there might be a short in the system.

If you can’t manage the issue by yourself, use expert advice or call an HVAC professional.

3. The AC Makes Strange Noises

If your AC is making a screeching or squealing sound, a blower motor or faulty belt could be the culprit.

In such a case, you could try the easiest DIY solution — lubricating the oil port.

If there’s a smacking sound, then turn off the AC to check for debris stuck in the blower blades and you’ll be good to go.

If you hear heavy thumping sounds, however, it could be a graver issue.

The blower assembly might be disrupted.

In this case, it’s advisable that you turn off the AC and contact an HVAC expert.

Why Annual Tune Ups?

Despite the fact that you need to look into the maintenance of your AC every few months, an annual tune-up is a must.

This in turn will reduce frequent breakdowns of your central AC, avoid the extra expenditure on repairs, and enhance the lifespan of your central AC unit.

Air conditioners are made up of complex working components and you can’t fix everything on your own.

That’s when professional help is advisable.

You can find an independent HVAC technician or hire a company near you by simply typing in your zip code using the Same Day Pros app. It’s available on the App Store as well as the Play Store.

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