How to Vacuum in Tight Spaces

Shop vacs are great, but they’re not designed for delicate vacuuming tasks, such as cleaning a keyboard.

To solve this problem, insert a small rubber hose in the vacuum crevice tool, and seal up the remainder of the opening with tape.


  1. The wooden rails on my screened porch need to be painted, but a lot of debris has collected between them and the small gap between the vertical rails and the bottom trim and the screen. Normal vac attachments are 1) too large and 2)not flexible enough to fit into these small areas. But this will work great! Thank you!!!

  2. I have been looking for a solution to vacuuming the floor between the stove and cabinet. It is a VERY narrow space but food and other stuff falls down there. This will work great! Plus, it will also be perfect for the tracks that my windows slide on!

    Thank you!!


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