How to Replace Screen Wire on a Screen Door

Clamping screen door to install screening without wrinkles.
Bowing screen door with clamps to install screening without wrinkles.

The hardest part of replacing screening is to make sure it’s tight and wrinkle free. Here’s an easy way to accomplish this:

  1. Remove the screen mold from around the door and take off the old screen wire.
  2. Put two 8’ long 2x4s on sawhorses with 2” thick pieces of wood across them at each end.
  3. Place the screen door on top of the supports.
  4. Clamp the door to the 2x4s in the middle, causing it to bow.
  5. Attach the screen to the bottom of the door with staples.
  6. Pull the screen tight, and staple it at the top of the door.
  7. Remove the clamps so the door springs back straight, pulling the screen taught.
  8. Finish by attaching the screen to one of the long sides of the door
  9. Staple the screen to the other long side, pulling it tight to work out any wrinkles as you go.
  10. Nail the screen mold back in place around the door.

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  1. Used this method to replace screening on a 65 year old wooden screen door. Worked beautifully! Thanks so much for this DIY video and article.


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