How to Remove Molding for Reuse

Want to remove baseboard without damaging it? Read on… (DepositPhotos)
When renovating a room, the first step is to remove the existing molding. If you are careful, you can take it off without damage for reuse later. Watch this video to find out how.

Start by using a sharp utility knife to cut through the layer of paint where the molding meets the wall.

Next, Tap a thin pry bar between the molding and the wall.

Once the molding has been loosened from the wall, remove the pry bar and drive in wood shims to widen the gap.

Work your way along the molding using the pry bar and shims to loosen the molding.

After the molding is loose, use a larger flat pry bar for more leverage and finish removing the molding from the wall.

Remove the nails from the molding by pulling them out from the back of the wood with a pair of pliers. This causes less damage to the molding than hammering them out through the front.


  1. I want to put new molding in the bath room and on the floor is tile. Removing the molding will that damage the grout in the tile?

  2. I took my molding off that was attached to the ceiling but I do not want to replace it. How do i go from there to painting the wall without that weird molding area showing ?


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