How to Protect Wood Floors from Rocking Chairs

Attaching selfadhesive loop strips to rocking chair runners to prevent floor damage.
Attaching loop strips to rocking chair runners to prevent floor damage.

Rocking chairs can scratch and wear the finish off hardwood floors over time. To prevent damage to wood floors by rocking chairs, apply strips of the loop side of peel-and-stick, hook and loop fasteners to the bottom of the rocking chair runners.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: The challenge of living with hardwood floor is that furniture has a tendency to scratch the floor and wear off the finish. This is particularly true of rocking chairs. The runners on the chairs not only scratch the floor, but as you can see here, it wears the wood and the finish right off the bottom of the rockers.

So I’m going to solve this problem with hook and loop fastener. I went and I bought a strip of fastener and cut it to length so it covers, not the entire runner, but most of it. But I’m just going to use the loop part, not the hook part, but the soft loop part.

This is peel-and-stick adhesive. I’m going to peel it off of there, and stick it right down the center of this runner. This is a three-quarter-inch wide strip. Here you go. I’m going to put another one on this side, of course.

This is extremely durable, you’d be surprised, and the adhesive is strong. It’s hard to pull it off once it’s on. About the same place, right in the center, press it down, and there you go, that’s all there is to it.

I’m going to turn this over. And now those strips will not only protect the runner on the bottom of the chair, but also protect the floor, and no more scratches.


    • Catalino, they are just hook and loop (Velcro) strips with adhesive backing. They often come on a roll. For this project, you would only use the soft side.

  1. Catalina Neris – this is why God gave us stores and eventually Amazon… grab they credit card and get thee shopping, girl friend!

  2. I was trying to find the hook and loop adhesive runners for rocking chairs. Looks good but could not find link to purchase them.

    Kevin Dyer

  3. I put the Velcro on the runners on my IKEA chair and on the four footstool legs. No sliding or scratching on my laminate floors. Thank you for your great idea.

  4. Re: Poang rockers on tile floor –12 inch tiles: will these rocker felt or hook fasteners allow the chair to rock on tile floors without a carpet in between. Would felt work better for this purpose, the thicker the better?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, Theresa,
      We haven’t tried this Simple Solution with POÄNG rockers from IKEA, so it’s hard to say.
      If you do, please share the result with our community.
      We’d love to hear how it goes!


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