How to Winterize an Apartment to Save Energy

I would like some advice on preparing my apartment for the winter. I’m a college student, so I’m on a tight budget, but I really want to save money and be more green this winter. Any advice for simple, inexpensive ways to winterize an apartment? -Jac

Hi Jac,

Since you don’t own your residence, your options for energy reduction are limited to ones that won’t require making physical changes to your apartment. However, there are still a number of ways you can save energy:

  • Thermostat: Top of the list is to turn the thermostat down when you go out or are asleep and keep it at 68° F or lower when you’re home and awake.
  • Lighting: Replacing the existing light bulbs with CFLs is another good way to save that will pay for itself in a matter of months. Hang onto the old bulbs so you can put them back and take the CFLs with you if you move.
  • Hot Water: If your apartment has an individual hot water tank, turn the thermostat down to 120° F (low) to reduce the cost of heating water.
  • Reduce Drafts: Check the weather stripping under and around your doors and windows to see if it’s sealing properly and ask to have it replaced if it isn’t, or make “draft snakes” to put under doors and on window sills.
  • Low-Tech Solar Heating: Close your curtains or blinds on windows and glass doors at night and when they are in the shade, and open them when the sun is shining on them to help the sun heat your home.

Good luck with your project,



  1. we bought a house built in the 1890’s, has asbestos siding, want to side over it, can we go over it with fan-fold insulation and then side over it with vinyl siding, or could we paint siding first to reduce particles from flying,also what r-value does fan-fold insulation have


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