How to Rid Your Home of Mold and Mildew

Our house has a musty smell, and we recently found mold growing inside some of the closets and cabinets. How can we get rid of it? -Joseph

Hi Joseph,

Since mold and mildew require warm, moist conditions to grow, start by eliminating any unwanted sources of water, such as leaks in the roof, dripping pipes, or gaps around tubs or showers. Check to be sure your outside walls are weather tight and that rain isn’t coming in around windows and doors. Finally, correct any moisture problems under your home in the basement or crawlspace.

Humidity levels indoors over 60% can promote mold growth, so monitor the relative humidity in your home with a humidity gauge (hygrometer). If the humidity is high, lower it by running the air conditioner or installing a dehumidifier. Also, consider improving air circulation in your home by using bathroom and kitchen vent fans, as well as paddle or portable fans.

To remove small amounts of mold and mildew, scrub the surface with water and detergent then dry it thoroughly. For more serious cases, use a product specifically made to kill mold. While diluted bleach can kill mold on nonporous surfaces, it’s largely ineffective on porous materials, including wood, and will damage fabrics.

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