How to Replace Double Pane Insulated Glass

I have French doors to my patio. A pebble shot from my string trimmer and shattered the outer pane of glass only. The back pane is fine. Do I have to buy both panes, or can I just fix the one that is broken?-Gary

Hi Gary,

When one pane of insulated glass breaks, you have to replace the entire piece, since the space between the panes is filled with an inert gas (usually argon) then sealed to keep moisture from forming between the panes.

You can order insulated replacement glass from a glass supply store or the company that made your window or door. You will need to supply the dimensions (including thickness) of the glass, as well as any special coatings—such as low-E—that were on it.

If there is a name and number of the manufacturer on the glass, include that information as well. Glass doors require tempered glass, which is much stronger than regular glass.

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  1. The glass in my french door fog up, it look like smoke is on the inside on the glass looks bad. Where can I get another glass, it is one piece glass.

  2. I’m trying to get the double pane glass out of an aluminum window frame. I’ve removed the plastic trim, but don’t know where to go from there. I don’t want to break the glass, or seal between the panes, because I want to save the panes because it is a window we had removed during remodeling.

  3. HELP! I have french doors with insulated tempered glass. The inside grills are plastic and need to be painted. Can I remove these without disturbing the glass/insulation? It would be easier to paint if grills are removed than in place against the glass. Any specific type of paint I should use on the grills? Would really appreciate your input. Thanks.

  4. Have a wood sliding glass door with 10 individual double panes/lights.. One pane is fogged up, took out the stops and thought I was home free but the unit won’t come out. It’s glued in with epoxy or liquid nails or ???? something bad. been told to dig out the adhesive between wood and glass, use patience. It’s crazy hard and don’t want to ruin the wood. I can get a replacement unit. It would cost a couple few thousand to replace door. It’s the main door to the backyard and at eye level, looks like c******. regards, diy kathy

  5. I have four French Doors from my enclosed patio to my living room. The glass is thermal glass and all four doors have clouded and look awful. Since these are not external doors, it is possible for me to replace the glass with single pane windows?

  6. One of the insulated windows in my sunroom was hit with a rock shattering the outer glass. The inside glass remains in tack and I have removed all the broken glass, so it is not really noticable except at times when the temperature extremes between the air outside and inside cause it to condensate. I got an estimate of 465.00 to replace the 3′ w x 5′ h section. Will replacing it be worth the cost overtime or should i just live with it?

  7. I have a 24 year old tempered bent double pane glass enclosure in my kitchen,by Florian. It is an arched enclosure like what you see in McDonald. For the past 2 months one of the bent panel has accumulated condensation and become frosted. I have called Florian Company in Texas and they say they don,t have a representative in south florida,and don’t offer any help! What could be done? All the other panels are not affected. Please help.

  8. Why do you call this an ‘article on How to Replace Double Pane Insulated Glass’ when there is no ‘how to’ included in the write-up?

  9. I have a double pane window in my bedroom. Top half is busted. The side that doesn’t slide up and down. I’ve pulled all the broken glass out including the strips and silicone that hold it in place. I’ve already sized and bought glass to replace it. I need some advice on the install. I’ve pretty much figured it out. Llooking for a second opinion.

  10. Hi…I have a wooden double pane sliding glass door. The inside of the window is streaked….is there any company (near Charlotte NC) that would come to the house and replace the glass? I can’t afford to buy a new door…I was hoping replacing the glass would not be as expensive…

  11. My window, don’t think it’s double paned, broke and I need to remove the frame while the pane is still in it. But I can’t do any fancy crazy stuff to fix it. I just need to remove the frame with the glass still in it.

  12. Hey Danny,

    I have several fixed pane double insulated windows on the house. When it was built the builder cheaped out. I want to know if the glass can be popped out and a single hung can be installed in it’s place. The outside finish is stucco and not a viable option to replace the whole unit. I have about six units like this. We can’t get any cross ventilation with fixed glass.

    Dave B

  13. Hi Danny I have a particular case for you. I broke a double-pane glass …. this broken glass to be replaced is on 24th floor in Dubai. The company asking me a crazy charge to change from outside and using a rope. Is it possible to replace internally to the flat ?
    Thanks a lot

  14. Hi,I am trying to remove double plane glass from a small double window, I want to remove the top window glass. I removed plastic lining around glass and used putty knife in between glass, but it won’t come out. Anything else I’m missing? Thanks

  15. Help! We have a typical entrance door on our garage. It is metal clad. It has double pane, insulated glass. The outside panel of glass imploded. I got that panel out, but I cannot replace the window. It is a metal clad frame. I cannot find any help anywhere.

  16. I took out our double pane windows because they were foggy. I am reusing one pane, but cant get the white off the glass, have tried, vinegar, dawn, windex, simple green. Still white. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Leilani! Any number of causes could have contributed to shattered glass. (Some examples are airborne objects hitting the door at a high speed, and minor cracks growing and causing bigger problems that led to spontaneous breakage.) Without knowing all the circumstances, it really would be difficult to guess.

  17. I have a garden window and the main big window is now foggy. I have the new window replacement but don’t know how to install.

  18. Dear Sir:
    I have a bank of dual pane french doors on my house one has fogged look between the two panes? can it be fixed/ If so how?


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