How to Replace Double Pane Insulated Glass

I have French doors to my patio. A pebble shot from my string trimmer and shattered the outer pane of glass only. The back pane is fine. Do I have to buy both panes, or can I just fix the one that is broken?-Gary

Hi Gary,

When one pane of insulated glass breaks, you have to replace the entire piece, since the space between the panes is filled with an inert gas (usually argon) then sealed to keep moisture from forming between the panes.

You can order insulated replacement glass from a glass supply store or the company that made your window or door. You will need to supply the dimensions (including thickness) of the glass, as well as any special coatings—such as low-E—that were on it.

If there is a name and number of the manufacturer on the glass, include that information as well. Glass doors require tempered glass, which is much stronger than regular glass.

Good luck with your project,