How to Repair Wallpaper Seams

What is the best way to fix vinyl wallpaper seams? I’ve tried applying seam glue, then painter’s tape, and letting it sit overnight; but the seams are still opening up. -Linda

Hi Linda,

To repair wallpaper joints with seam glue, use a small artist’s brush to spread the glue on the back of the wallpaper, then wait for the adhesive to soften and reactivate the old wallpaper paste. When the area is tacky to the touch, gently push the seams back down using a damp cloth. Don’t use a seam roller, since it will just force the glue back out.

Another trick is to take a can of spray adhesive and squirt a generous amount onto a paper plate. Use an artist’s brush to spread adhesive on the back of the wallpaper and on the wall. Wait for the area to get tacky before pressing the wallpaper back in place.

If you think there’s still some glue left on the wallpaper, you can also give steam a shot! It can help soften up the glue for reapplication.

If the above remedies don’t work, you may have to admit defeat. Some wallpaper has a limited lifespan, and you may need to consider removing the paper entirely and starting over from scratch.

Good luck with your project,


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  1. I had heavy vinyl paper which seams opened at least 1-2 inches on each side. I spread Zinzer (?sp) wall paper repair on the edges with a sponge brush and let it set a few minutes, pushed it in place and held an iron set at “delicate” and held it for about 10 seconds and gradually went down the seam. Voila, I did about 25 game room seams and not one has reopened. When the tube runs out of glue, cut it open with a blade and you will get at least 3 more seams out of it. Periodically clean iron with a wet cloth. Worked like a charm.

  2. My seam is splitting, is there a way to sofen the seam to bring it back together? the wall is bowed a bit and the paper could have stretched when installed , is there a safe way to fix this?


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