How to Protect Your Home from 4 Unexpected Disasters

Fallen tree, just beside a house, after a wind storm
Wind storms can send trees crashing down on cars and homes.

High Winds

Gusts of wind can lift outdoor objects and send them crashing down on your home. If you live in an area that gets high winds, secure all the objects in your yard including patio furniture, umbrellas, tools and toys.

You can also hire a local roofing contractor to install roof anchors and connectors. These devices tether the roof to the foundation of the home, and they can minimize damage during high winds.

Wildfire destroys stick-built home
Wildfires can destroy homes fast, but there are ways to minimize the damage.


Protecting your home from wildfires takes time, but that hard work will be worth it during the dry and windy season.

First, make sure there’s no dead vegetation on your property. Also, trim your trees so no branches are within 10 feet of your home. Keeping your lawn trimmed and watered at all times will minimize your risk of fire damage.

In addition to making your home safer and more secure, consider upgrading your homeowner’s insurance to include specific weather events. An inexpensive insurance rider could help you repair your home and replace belongings after a storm or fire blows through.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer.


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