How to Properly Install an Attic Gable Vent Fan

Jeff asks, “I would like to install an attic vent fan in the gable vent of my house, but to install it on the side away from the prevailing wind will be extremely difficult. Could it be installed instead in the gable vent on the windward side to draw air into the attic?

Hi Jeff,

If your attic uses soffit vents at the bottom and gable vents at the top for ventilation, having a gable vent fan drawing air into the attic would not be the best solution, since it would tend to create positive pressure in the attic which could reverse the natural air flow that occurs when heat rises up through the soffit vents and out through the gable vents.

If you are unable to install the fan on the end away from the prevailing wind, consider installing a roof mounted power vent fan near the top of the attic instead.

Good luck with your project,


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